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100+ Best Whatsapp Sayings Status Ever Seen!

Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings

This will make your WhatsApp-sayings quite quickly more interesting. Sure, you can just write "I'm on the job", "Current single" or other meaningless nonsense in your WhatsApp status. You can also go to the work more creatively. Whether it's cool sayings, funny messages, sayings with or without smiley, we've picked the very best WhatsApp sayings for your status message. Here is your favorite WhatsApp saying? Send it to us by mail and we will take it to the collection.

Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings

100+ Whatsapp Sayings Status Free

"Be gentle as an angel, but possessed by the devil!"
"Show those who want to see you fall, that you can fly without wings."
"To all who have never believed in me and said, I will never do anything. I am now Admin with a WhatsApp group!"
"I already have enough stress with my hair."
Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings

"Occupied in the sense of the charge."
"Good friends, there is no kisses, but the WLAN password."
"I am now at an age when the body whispers whispered to you in the ear the next day: never do it again, never again."
"I'm not fat, my stomach is just 3D."
"Let's play the damn, you're starting!"
"Relationship Status: I'm having breakfast alone ... For two."
"Head up, otherwise the crown will fall!"
"I do not read any instructions, I simply press the buttons until it works."
"I am bored today, now bring me the court jester!"
"I've stopped listening to you, why do not you stop talking?"
"Should anyone seek me: I will dig my grave ..."
"Try to drop everything instead of going twice!"
"Do not tell me to calm down, that makes me aggressive!"
Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings 

"I'm very flexible at the level."
"Love is just a word, honey too."
"My shinbone helps me find the furniture in the dark."
"I was not a reason for ten years a power ranger!"
"Brave girls post everything on Facebook, nasty girls avoid leaving evidence."
"I know that the voices in my head are not real, but they have so crazy horny ideas!"
"In my head it just made sense!"
"I love listening to someone when I know the truth."
"With my handbag I could leave the country spontaneously."
"Those who laugh last have not understood the joke."
"You find me in the dictionary under the term" perfection "."
"Can someone please give me the water."
"I was planning conversations that I would never have in reality."
"I'm not writing, that's Teamwork!"
"What happens when I get on it ... Oh, Oh"
Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings

"I can now even guess what I mean by that."
"I was already a legend in kindergarten."
"I'm not shy, I just do not want to talk to you."
"Advice is also just blows."
"This is hitting me about as hard as worm pudding."
"Sleep today with an open window."
"I can sing 3-voice: loud, false and with enthusiasm!"
"Have changed my diet, the chocolate is now on the left of the laptop!"
Whatsapp Sayings
Whatsapp Sayings 

"Looking at my salary is just one conclusion: I've made my job a hobby."
"My teachers have no idea, they always ask me."
"Down with the power of gravity. Live the lightness."
"I know more than you can ever forget."
"Level only looks like arrogance from below."
"For certain people I go to the end of the world.
"The best answers always come after the conversation."
"Where others despair, I only begin to get really good!"
"The combination of early, cold and dark is absolutely not my thing!"
"Tell your parents, you're looking so messed up."
"Bitch, you call yourself the Princess, then kneel down, here comes the Queen."
"The most important person in your life is the one that comes to your mind when you read this sentence."
"He who knows me knows I am right ... He who doubts this knows me badly."
"For 6 years I have not drunk any alcohol, not smoked, had no sex, but then I went to school!"
"... and so I finished with a spoon in front of the Nutella glass!"
"Watching a spider is not the problem, it only becomes a problem when it is suddenly gone."
"I'm not stupid, the others just do not understand my logic."
"Same old shit but a different day."
"My life is like a party, and you're not invited."
"I think I have a tinnitus in my eyes, I just see whistles!"
"I came, saw and forgot what I had before."
"I am not in the world to be like others would like me."
"I'm not a clever, I know it really better."
"By the way, I'm not perfect and do not work on it."
"Social network was formerly called" Outside "
"I like you, you have the same as me!"
"Work is not for me, I am rather the leisure type."
"Commas I put where they look good."
"No idea what's going on, I'm normal, but the others are funny."
"Last week there was a power failure, PC went out directly, and I spent two hours with my family, seeming to be really nice people."
"I came, saw and forgot what I had before."
"Be gentle as an angel, but possessed by the devil!"
"Occupied in the sense of the charge."
"I already have enough stress with my hair."
"For you shall rain red roses with vases!"
"Sure you can report, just do not stop with me."
"We are young - that justifies everything!"
"Let's play the damn, you're starting!"
"I'm not fat, my stomach is just 3D."
"To all who have never believed in me and said, I will never do anything. I am now Admin with a WhatsApp group!"
"I am now at an age when the body whispers whispered to you in the ear the next day: never do it again, never again."

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I'm Thinking of You Quotes and Messages

I am thinking of you
I am thinking of you

I think all day long about you, because I like you so much!

Attention, this message conveys gaiety and good humor. So for a moment, enjoy the life and feel that someone is thinking about you!

This SMS will tell you: I've just thought of you!

I am thinking about you messages
I am thinking about you messages

This SMS penned its way through many networks and telephone numbers to find you and to tell you there is someone who is thinking about you.

Besides stupid, I only have one thing in my head ... YOU!

In my mind I am always with you!

Thinking Of You

Not knowing what to think is not as bad as not knowing what the other thinks you are thinking.

I think of you by day and night. I think of you because I like you. I think of you I like you. I love you you are my star !!!

There is no hour in the night when my heart does not awake
And think of you, that you gave me a thousand times, your heart.

Again a sleepless night, the thought of you keeps me awake, forcing me to constantly rhyme to write you a sweet good-night SMS.

In my head, nothing finds a place, whether mouse or cow, in my head there just fits you!

If every thought of you were a sunbeam, it would never rain again!

If a small cloud were to arise every time I thought of you, the whole sky would be white.

If tenderness were a trombone and longing a timpani, you would hear nothing but my thoughts ...

You own my first thought in the morning and my last thought in the evening ... and some hot thoughts in between!

Did you hear the beeps? Right, an SMS has come. I have a kiss ... because I have to think about you!

Every time I have to think about you, I draw an asterisk into my heart! - Meanwhile I have my own sky!

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I Love You Deep Love Messages For Her!

I Love You Messages For Her
I Love You Messages For Her
I Love You Deep Love Messages For Her Love messages and sms collection.

Take and multiply yourself with infinity. Add that to eternity. And now you have a touch of the idea how sweet you are!
I love you, Janek !!!
Your Jana

I look now in the sky for whether an angel is missing,
For how and what you are for me is not of this world!
I look now in the sky for whether you are already missing,
If so, it would not matter to me, because you stay where you are!
WITH ME!!!!!!!!! - I love you!

I Love You Messages For Her
I Love You Messages For Her
Let me be your teddy, because I want to be cuddled by you!
Love you kissa to the sweet guys out there

A minute without you: to cope.
An hour without you: senseless
A day without you: agonizing
A week without you: unimaginable
A year without you: impossible
A life without you: hell
I love you more than anything else my angel


There are people I like,
There are people I hate,
There are people without whom I can not live
But there is only one person I love !!!

I just got a call from the sky,
They seek their sweetest little angel on earth -
But do not worry: I did not betray you!


Before I saw you
Was not quite clear to me
That there is something like you
It is incomprehensible to me
As special as you are
I think of you when you read that !!

All my love will I give to thee until we hover above all the clouds. Because you are the only one on this earth I will always love.

You're my luck, you're my star, even if you're spinning, I like you.

1000 hearts are on earth, 1000 hearts love you.
But none of these 1000 hearts loves you like me!

If you love the beauty, then do not love me, for there are more beautiful things for you, but if you love, then love me, for there is none who loves you as much as I do.

I have smelled a rose, a thorn I have stung, with blood I have written, forever I will LOVE YOU!

I love you. I love you. How to write that I do not know. Is not the grammar correct. I love you and that is important.

There are many languages ​​to say, what can be and what nich ... but one thing I know, I love you.

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

Oh you my little wuzzel bear, without you I would be halbert. So it's all up to me to stay, because I love you with soul and body.

I think of you by day and night. I think of you because I like you. I think of you, I like you. I love you, you are my star !!!

If you see a shooting star in the sky, you wish and think of me! I love you!

My love I give to thee, my heart already belongs to thee. All my thoughts are all about you! SOS - I LOVE YOU!

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you.
When I knew you, I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you, I was afraid to fall in love.
And now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you.

I love you, I love you. The most favorite for you. In love, I.

My dear darling: I love you very much, please be my cuddly bear.
Because I do not want to miss you, but only to kiss ...

You are the only one for me, I confess to you in the poem. I can not lie. Instead, I tell you (almost) in your face, I only love YOU!

The little star in the sky, that's me. He should always tell you: "I love you!". And if you do not like me any more, do not forget him, the little star!

The sun shines in your heart. I love you! You are never alone!

This message comes from my heart, so I will not joke: I mail you, it makes piep, piep, I love you very much!

I wish I were the wind that gently sweeps through your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly, and the moon that watches your sleep. Because I love you.

With skin and hair I am yours, with heart and soul obdrein!

I'm sitting here thinking about you! It comes along, I love you!

My eyes always see your picture. My heart is constantly calling your name. In my head are always you. I love you !!!

With you as a couple, free to be like the wind - just wonderful! I wish it, because I love you so much!

When your beautiful eye greets and laughs like a sun to me in a heavy night, I quickly draw your sweet heart to me and whisper softly to him: I love you!

When you look into my eyes, I know how deep my love is for you. When you take me in your arms, I know: I love you!

3 Roses I send to you: The 1st is for welfare the 2nd for reunion, the 3rd but softly speaks: I love you! Do not forget that!

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a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend
a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

babe you mean so much to me you dont even know how much and i care about you a lot like more than myself! I would do anything for you. I just want you to be happy. You are so amazing and beautiful and funny and perfect and wonderful and you have a beautiful smile and when i see you smile it puts a smile on my face. I love when you laugh. I love just being with you. even of we are just sitting on the couch or something and watching tv.

a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend
a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

you are the best thing that has ever happened to me you are my lover and my best friend and each day that goes by it seems like i find something new to love about you. its crazy how one person can make such a huge difference in my life but you touch me in a way no one else every has and you have given me so many reasons to smile. i have never been this happy with anyone or so in love. I love you!
a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend
a sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

honestly you have been saying to me that not only am i your boyfriend but your bestfriend and i was thinking about that and like you are right babe. you are my bestfriend and the best girlfriend. i can teel you anything and everything. you are what everyguy wants in a girl. you are perfect and the best part is. you are all mine 

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Love Sayings and Quotes For Him For Her!

Love Sayings and Quotes
Love Sayings and Quotes

For all of us, there is this one man whom we love above all else. Be it the parents, the firm friends or the fixed friend, or the best friend or the best friend. With these people, we have a lot to offer. One has gone through thick and thin together. Certainly it was not just beautiful moments, but also less beautiful. If you have managed together through this time, you have an even stronger connection to each other. Beautiful love words can express all this and much more. On our sayings and greetings blog we would like to introduce you the most beautiful love words. Use our love stories and love quotes as a template for a beautiful saying, a greeting card or as a love message by SMS.

Send short love messages via SMS or Whatsapp for him for her!

In the age of technology, more and more people are reaching for electronic devices such as the smartphone or the tablet. Of course still very popular, love messages by e-mail. But to the popularity of the love-greetings by SMS or Whatsapp come no more. Love messages by SMS are sent in seconds and it also does not matter how far the receiver is removed. The collection of our love SMS sayings is constantly expanded, so you can always look forward to new sayings and greetings.


You have the key to my heart my sunshine.
I love only you, all alone.
You fulfill me love and give me my inner peace,
I'd like to fly straight to you now.
Without you I can not, I miss you so much.
I love you my sweetheart.


Even though many miles and miles separate us,
I'm glad we know each other.
You are someone you do not forget,
Because you are something special!


Would like to cuddle with you now
And whisper in your hair.
Kiss you and kiss you,
But all I have,
Is just your little pillow.


A love SMS early morning,
Rejoices the heart all day.
She drives away your worries,
It is someone who likes you!


Good Morning Sunshine,
Let me into your heart.
I think of you today,
Because I like you very much.


A morning SMS, very short and small,
Hopping degrees into your mobile phone,
Have a nice day,
It's someone who likes you!


Too many clouds and no star in sight,
I close my eyes and see your face.
You smile at me from afar,
I love you, always remember.


Pensive love words
For love, there is no definition. Everyone feels and feels love differently. If one thinks about love, one immediately as well as bad things occur to one. But one thing is definitely certain: Once you have found the right person, the positive things will prevail. That is why we have gathered for you some thoughtful affections and love texts that we would not want to keep from you.

The love between two people,
Lives from beautiful moments.
But only difficult times, let them grow and become stronger.


Love is like a tender plant.
If she enters, she will not come back so soon.


Happiness is the only thing that doubles,
When one divides it.

(Author: Albert Schweitzer)


Sometimes you hate the person you love the most,
Because he is the only one who can actually hurt you.


Unconditional love is not to cling, but to give liberties.


Love the one you love,
Hate the one you hate,
But never hate that,
Whom you have ever loved!


If you love something, leave it free.
If it comes back to you, it's yours.
If not, it never did


Love drives away time, but time drives away love!


Love begins with a smile,
Lives with kisses, and dies with tears.


Do not wait for the great miracle,
Otherwise you miss the many small ones!


Love is like a butterfly,
If you hold it too tightly in your hand,
You destroy their wings.

Love hurts,
Said the hare, hugging the hedgehog.


Funny and sweet loves
How to say so: Fun must be! Whoever takes this saying to heart is guaranteed to have more laughter. Especially when it comes to love, the fun of sparking can not be missed. Even in childhood, the parents say: What is loving, that teases itself. And that is exactly where we want to start up and to conjure up a smile to our lips with our funny love affair. If you have a lot of laughs together, you also strengthen your relationship and also relax the mood for more beautiful and spontaneous moments. Help yourself to our witty love stories and give your love a pinch of humor.


I love you, I love you.
I do not know how to write that.
If the grammar is not correct either,
I love you and that is important.


I wanted to send you something beautiful, love, sensitive and erotic,
But unfortunately I do not fit the display.


I just got a call from heaven.
They miss an angel. Do not worry, I did not betray you!


I will not be jealous if my ex has a new,
Because Mom told me earlier that I was toys,
Which I no longer need, to the poor and the needy.


Do you use drugs?
Yes! My drug is love.
And your?
I love you!


She loves me, she does not love me ...
She loves Me!

But the daisy has said you love me!


I've gegoogled for love,
Your picture came first!


Anton starts with A
Berta starts with B
Caesar begins with C
Dora starts with D
But love only begins with you!

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Love Messages for Her in the Morning! 💗 (She'll Smile)

Love Messages for Her
Love Messages for Her

All women love them - the love words and the love texts that are addressed to them. For them there is nothing more beautiful than if you receive a love affair. The power of words caresses her soul and makes her strong for everyday life where she must prove herself as secretary, student, mama, grandma and much more. Loving words for them have a special meaning, because the written words point out what is often forgotten in everyday life. In the middle of life, life sets its course. But the flexibility and the love of a woman, no matter what age, can always be counted. That is why they have earned a little surprise from time to time. A surprise with heart in the form of love words and love texts for her.

Love words and love texts often accompany her for a lifetime
They give a halt in heavy hours, they cast a smile on their faces, and re-inflame the fire of passion, which the wind has long taken with them. For in memory no love-relationship is forgotten, and the first great love will persist forever. A woman wants to know how it is about the feelings of her beloved, we will not let her wait any longer ...


Do you know the word that brought us both together?
It was love!
Do you know the word that still connects us both?
It's love!
Do you know the word that will continue to strengthen us in the future?
It will be love!


A good day starts with a good morning kiss from you.
A good day ends with a good-night kiss from me.
Kiss each kiss.
Come let us kiss, so that the care of everyday life disappears.


It was love when I saw you.
You were already close to me at the first learning.
I wanted to build on this nearness
I can rely on your heartfeltness to this day.


2 hearts pounded like wild for each other.
I've got a wild mess in my head.
I did not want to leave my head.
I want to give the direction to my heart.
A special love film has emerged,
Which has never been shaken to this day.
My pretty woman, my shining star.
My heart just like you, it likes you.


The melody of my heart you know exactly.
You're finally my girl, you're smart.
I knew that from the beginning,
With you, heart and mind count.


In former times, Amor has occasionally subdued me a cheat.
But with you he has landed a perfect match.
I felt like you were Robinson Crusoe, who was just stranded.
You freed me from my lonely island.
With you I was blessed with happiness and joy.

As incredibly gentle as an angel.
So incredibly beautiful as a miss.
So incredibly strong as a rock.
So incredibly shimmering like a diamond.
So is your appearance, so wonderful and elegant.


To believe in the miracle of love,
And also allow the child to be,
I could learn all this through you,
Yesterday and today, hopefully in all the coming years.


PS I Love You.
I never let you down.
Because you are the miracle in my world.
A miracle that falls by chance from heaven.
Because love can not be planned.
Life itself takes its course.


Previously, I was in love with love,
Today I am in love with you.
Because you are my better half, my sweetheart, my better self.
I would like to spread roses to you during my life
And I fall in love every day anew.


My heart is in your hands.
For today and that should never end.
For You give my heart warmth and security.
You offer harmony and security.


Our hearts are designed for each other.
They hit the same beat.
That is fact, that is fact.
Since I am not the man, the great words,
I will only say: You are my dearest, my life partner, my friend.


The whole world should know.
You're my sweetheart, I wanna kiss you.
For through you I was able to know what true love is.
You're my girl, that's gonna tell you my poem.


When 2 hearts beat like 1
And dare any adventure together.
Then they belong together
For today and forever.
On love - at a word!


My sweet girl,
I want to tell you,
I want to have a relationship with you.
You're just so beautiful,
Therefore I will go with thee.
To the end of the world I will carry you on my hands
And my heart shall always strike against thy face.


In war and love everything is permitted.
So let me be your Napoleon,
I will win the battle for your heart.
If I am not quite synonymous with my senses.
Because your love made me crazy,
It is your way, as you laugh.


The love for you is getting bigger day by day.
My heart makes me know.

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Love Messages For Him From the Heart (long distance) 💙💙💙

Love Messages For Him From the Heart
Love Messages For Him From the Heart

When she gives her heart away, she wants to see him happy. She wants to show him her affection and put her feelings into words. What better suited to it than a fitting affection for him. A love text that is completely tailored to him. Every man has a soft side, one of them is quickly found, the other one has to go first.

Love phrases and love texts for him build him up and give him strength
Love texts for him, written from deep conviction, quickly open the heart of what has happened and let him experience how dear and worthy he has become to one. For the one woman it is love at first glance and she wants to show her whole affection in words. Another one thanks for the many common years that they have already experienced together in sunny and stormy times.
Anyone who has been together for a long time with his partner, who knows what he is pleased with and will be able to make him happy with the appropriate love letter or with a coherent love text:


I get the souls' stroking of the everyday life of you.
You once made us one of us.
We are still standing today
And all ways go with me together.


I never want to miss you again.
Your gentle persuasion, your familiar kissing.
You showed me what it is worth living for
And have rewarded me richly with our gathering.


With you I will go all ways,
From Amsterdam to Berlin.
I want to lay the world at your feet
And sweep away with you the shards of everyday life.


You're made for me.
Your strong shoulders are just right to lean on.
Your humor makes me laugh.
Your balanced being is there to make me happy.


Nobody knows better than you, as I tick.
As I am, when I flip out properly.
Only you know best what makes my heart happy and
As my mind laughs again for sadness.


You give everything in your place where you stand.
No matter whether work or home.
But never really applause.
Therefore I will tell you today:
We could not have any better.


You are the captain of my heart.
You are the brave knight in our castle.
You are the foolhardy hero in our lives.
You're my darling, for
You have your heart in the right place.


We look in the same direction
And know fate can not harm us.
Because we are a strong team,
In which one on the other builds and trusts itself boundlessly.


You're from me
Loved, honored, appreciated.
Because there is no one,
Which replaces you!


My most reliable source of energy is your heart warmth!


True Princes - Like You
Do not kill dragons,
But love me when I'm one.

Love words for him, love words for him - when love just blossoms

Whoever is in love with love and has butterflies in the belly, would like to let the whole world participate in his love affair and would like to send his love with large, thick letters a love declaration in the form of love words and love texts. Love words and love lyrics that are playful but also profound and have been written with the heart:


The sky is illuminated by countless large and small stars
And in my heart you have kindled a light to shine in the most beautiful colors.


You have kindled the fire of my heart
And made me crazy for you.
I will always have you with me from now on.
On good, as well as bad days.


You're the gummy bear in my candy store.
You are the rainbow in the gray sky.
You are the rescue ring on the sinking ship.
You are the guide who brings me safely to my goal
And who lets me know,
I want to be with you, for today and the rest.


My one and all, I will call you.
I've been crazy for you since we know each other.
Since then, there is no more I,
Just a WIR.
I always want to be with you, im now and here.


You're the shuttleservice for my luck.
That's why I never leave you alone.
For only with you can I be happy
And never again, then I am alone.


You are the red Ferrari among the many cars.
You're the Rolex among the many watches.
You are the world champion on my race track of life.
So far I've been looking for you in vain.
Fortunately, I finally found you
And will be with you forever.


My heart is in your hands.
The love of us two shall never end.
I am glad to have found you
And will love you, on all my days.

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