18th Birthday Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings

18th birthday messages wishes quotes greetings sayings
18th birthday messages wishes quotes greetings sayings

The 18th birthday is something very special. It means that he is of age. You can do what you want. At least theoretically. Nevertheless the congratulations for the 18th birthday are always full of future anthems and affectionately teasing ballads of the good old childhood. A few funny sayings on the 18th birthday may therefore also gladly be full of embarrassing stories from baby days. If you grow older, you should not forget your childhood. And a few funny sayings ease the mourning of the parents over the much too fast growing up with ease.

Now you are 18, hurray, hurray! We celebrate another year. May your graduation succeed, Love singing to you, Lucky you laugh And make the work itself. All the best!

Finally 18, barely believing! We want to rob sleep today. On to the celebration, what a feast! And tomorrow is the rest.

18! Jippieh! Juchee! You pour rum into the tea! Throw the parents out, We are celebrating now in the whole house! 18 years want to be something hot, From now on you have to do something. But that is not bad, You can get it by yourself. And if not, you do not need to forgive, Your parents will help on all days.

Reason … from it arise all the other virtues, Since it teaches that one does not live lustfully, Without reasoning, decent and just to live, And vice versa not reasonable, Decent and just, Without living lustfully.

According to dolls, the child will long, The muntre youth after the fair, The glory of the mans diligence, And gold desires the matte old man. With so varied shoots, Who will love his true happiness? Only the one who is beautiful, fame, and money For dolls the adult holds.

The trick is to grow up without getting old. The child is grown three years earlier than the parents believe and three years later, As it itself believes.

On the 18th everything is silent, Look at you and wait drum, That you say what welcomes the guests And get what sweats the day, A car, a clock, a bank note. That is also to be 18.

18th birthday wishes
18th birthday wishes

The family commemorates the past, When you were still small, and so delicate. You think about what the future holds ready, Money, power and a full beard. All the best to the 18th!

Now you are standing here, at the age of eighteen. I can not believe it. Was it for me only yesterday, As you learned to crawl and brawl. We laughed a lot, cried and barely slept. But as a parent we are proud of you, With 18 months or 18 years.

Joy, love, success, money, satisfaction and happiness, We wish you all a great time!

Fresh and cheerful, free and happy, The sun does not shine somewhere, But on you and your face. Wind in the back and moss in the bag, That wishes you this little poem, Oh, do not laugh, thats just my scam.

Every way is temptation pure, Travel to here and there, Dwell in every place And find the best only. Come back again, Because here family, A great part of happiness.

18th Birthday Sayings
18th Birthday Sayings

My dear child, We are proud of you that you have become so. You are not yet fully grown and you will never get old. We only wish the best in the world. We love you and are always there for you, even if it moves you into the distance. Happy 18th Birthday.

Aging is so important. You are no longer a child, Also not grown, not right. We are proud of you, very much. You go forward, with every step, Also times forward, but always we with you, On this new life stage. We congratulate you here, With timpani and trumpet, Let go, the eighteenth party.

To be grown is not easy To take over the flusks “take responsibility” But to undertake the attempt, To know what to do.

Message for 18th birthday celebrant

You leave your childhood back, But always keep it as an important part in you.

For 18 years we have been at your side. Now you are over the age and we have to learn to let go. Nevertheless, we will always be there when you need us.

Use the talents you have. The Forests would be very quiet if only the Most talented birds.

Happy 18th Birthday! From today you can do whatever you want. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, Because mistakes belong to life.

At 18, life begins! Sure, sometimes its hard, I do not want to lie But just enjoy it!

18 birthday sayings
18 birthday sayings

18th Birthday Sayings

Build your nest because the spring lasts, Airily it builds into the world; Car wins, Weakness. Wage! Endure! The world is yours!

18 years you will be today, Since many people congratulate you. I wish you only the best And many more great festivals!

As time passes: you are 18, For the future you have many ideas, And I keep my fingers crossed, That many of your wishes come true!

By the age of 18, It was mostly very comfortable, Now you have to do a lot yourself, But never lose your laughter with all this.

The age of majority brings a lot of freedom, But above all also a lot of responsibility. But do not think about that today And simply enjoy the day!

Hurray, hurray, Your 18th birthday is here! So long have you waited for it, So make sure it was worth it!

18th birthday quotes
18th birthday quotes

Turning 18 quotes

The 18th birthday means lots of freedom. You can drive alone. You can make decisions alone. But that does not mean you have to be alone, Because we are always there for you!

These are my eighteen wishes for your 18th birthday: Happiness, contentment, health, love, wisdom, success, blessing … Crap, I do not want eighteen wishes, so I will make it short: I wish you all your wishes come true.

One needs in life not only money alone, You also need love, joy, happiness – Of all I wish you a piece.

At eighteen years, many paths are open to you. And I wish you good luck and much blessing on all your ways.

Become what you are not yet, Remain what you already are. In this remaining and this becoming Is all beauty here on earth.

In the last eighteen years you have had to master many tests But believe me, that was just the beginning. Many tests are still waiting for you in life, and you do not have to pass them all. More importantly, you can grow on them.

18th birthday quotes calm
18th birthday quotes calm

18th Birthday Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings

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