54+ Birthday SMS Wishes Quotes In English – Birthday SMS For Lover

birthday sms collections wishes greetings sayings quotes
birthday sms collections wishes greetings sayings quotes

On this page you will find our collection of the most popular birthday wishes as well as many verses, poems and quotes, which can be used to perfect your congratulations card or a birthday greetings via SMS! Carefully and love-selected birthday wishes have long been the good tone in our society and should therefore never be forgotten. Birthday wishes SMS for your congratulations card, an individual birthday text SMS or speech or a personal cover letter: In our well-ordered, extensive collection of the most popular birthday SMS WHATSAPP congratulations, you should definitely find the appropriate lines.

54 Short Birthday SMS Collections:

Every gift is welcomed,
But above all things;
What you are trying to do,
May you succeed.

My short wishes are
a good thing
Today for birthday cake:
Survive! Love! Laugh!

What slowly matures,
That ages late

It’s good when we get the wasting time
Does not appear as something,
Which consumes or destroys us,
But as something that completes us. 

Youth is happy because it is capable of recognizing beauty.
Anyone who has the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old.

As you grow older, you have to be conscious
To remain at a certain stage

Tell yourself what I wish you,
I know nothing to think about.
You have kitchens and cellars full,
Nothing is missing in your cupboards.

Who plays with life,
Never gets along,
Who does not order himself,
Always remains a slave.

On the birthday quite good luck,
Always forward, never back,
Little work quite a lot of money,
Big journeys to the world,
Every day feel healthy,
Six right play in the lottery,
From time to time a glass of wine,
Then you will always be happy.

At the age of twenty, everyone has the face that God has given him,
With forty the face which has given him life,
And at sixty the face he deserved.

I have a rest on my journey
And beheld that I was [ALTER].
I thought that on earth
Only other [ALTER].
The time is upset, the clue speaks:
So you die once
And do not believe it.

Who smiles soberly three times in the morning,
When it rains does not frown
And in the evening laughs, so that it sounds,
Is 120 years old.

The noble person demands everything of himself,
The Unedle expects everything from the others.

It is an advantage of aging that one becomes indifferent to hatred, insults, slander, while the susceptibility to love and benevolence becomes stronger.

There is more important in life,
As constantly increasing its speed.

Youth is happy because it is capable of recognizing beauty.
Anyone who has the ability to recognize beauty will never grow old.

What a pity that so little space is between the time where you are too young,
And the place where you are too old.

Youth is often poor: nothing has been acquired or inherited.
Wealth and age are found at the same time: so rarely does it happen,
That people have all the best at once!

Every day is a new life, every awakening and rising a small birth, and every night go to sleep and a small death.

One remains young as long as one still learns,
Accept new habits and endure contradictions.

The age is that period of life in which we have the sins,
Which we are still committing, by the fact that we loathe those,
Which we are no longer able to commit.

Let me not be an old polter,
Who enfolds the younger spirits from envy,
Or a miserable lamentation,
Which continually flits over the good, old time.

Man remains foolish until the forty year;
When he then begins to recognize his foolishness,
So life is already gone.

Especially in youth, the goal of our happiness is fixed in the form of some pictures,
Which are hovering on us and often remain half the whole life.
They are, indeed, teasing ghosts: For, if we have reached them, they do not run into anything,
By making the experience that they are doing nothing, of what they promise.

Only the valuable people remain in a good mood with their peers.

For those who do not believe in immortality,
There is also no.

You will not get better with the years.
How should it be, one becomes comfortable and brings,
To save the repentance,
The error all in one system.

As long as one is young, all thoughts belong to love
Later all love belongs to the thought.

All of them are getting older, but one thing is true:
All times of life have very special sides.
Who uses them meaningfully with momentum,
Which remains 100 years young.

Instead with plans and worries for the future exclusively
And always to be busy, or to give us the longing for the past,
We should never forget that the present alone is real and alone.

I wish you: that you love, as if no one had hurt you,
That you dance, as if no one were watching you sing,
As if no one would listen to you as if paradise were here on earth. 

The older you get,
The more hastily she steps on one’s heels,
The time, the so – called.

The older I get,
The deeper I feel, all is happiness and grace,
The little as well as the great.

May you live as long as you want
And want it as long as you live.

In youth, one has boundless hopes for boundless desires,
Later the boundless desires remain, but reason eradicates the hope,
And the impetuous desires must gradually fall on the rugged wall of hopelessness. 

Always remember that everything is transient;
Then in happiness you will not be too happy or sad to be sad.

Experience is like a relentless beauty.
Years pass by until you win them, and finally she surrenders,
You both have grown old, and you can no longer need it.

A girl and a glass of wine cure all need.
And who does not drink and who does not kiss,
He is as good as dead.

Become what you are not yet,
Remain what you already are.
In this remaining and this becoming
All beauty is here on earth.

The more you thought, the more you did,
The longer you have lived

Some of the time is taken away, some stolen,
Some are simple.
The most disgraceful, however, is a loss,
Caused by negligence.

One ages only from twenty-five to thirty.
What will remain until then will probably be preserved forever.

No border tempt us to smuggle
Than the age limit.

This is how man is,
Who does not mourn the things which he does not possess,
But enjoys the things he has.

A clever man does not make all the mistakes himself.
It also gives others a chance.

You are as young as your confidence,
As old as your doubts,
As young as your hope,
As old as your timidity.

Man has three ways to act wisely:
First, by reflection, that is the noblest;
Secondly by imitating, this is the easiest;
Thirdly, by experience, this is the most bitter.

The character of a human being
Can be seen in the jokes,
Which he takes evil.

When the time comes when you could,
Is the one in which you can.

Among everything that contributes to a happy life,
There is no greater good, no greater wealth
Than the friendship.

A pleasant and cheerful life
Does not come from external things,
The human being brings from within
As if from a source lust and joy in his life.

Age, dance, despite the years!
What joy when it says:
Age, you are old with hair,
But flourishing is your spirit.

I live my life in growing rings,
Who are pulling about things.
I will perhaps not accomplish the last,
But I will try him.

What time draws from man’s hair,
Replacing him with wit.

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