Happy Birthday Sayings

A birthday is something really beautiful; In short – a truly wonderful occasion with special significance! After all, the achievement of a new life year is celebrated. The old year is left behind and one looks forward joyfully – into a 365-day new life section, which hopefully only holds good for one. Just as beautiful, joyful and positive, a birthday bonus should also be designed. Apart from the actual wishes and congratulations, which are incorporated into it, more and more congratulators and congratulations also decide to insert a beautiful birthday message as a mental input. In this sense, beautiful birthday sayings can convey a wise and meaningful message as well as express something meaningful, which would simply not be possible with normal words.

Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings

So if you are looking for exactly the right words to express your congratulations on the birthday of the jubilee, then you are in the right place at loveyoumessages.com – you can find nice birthday sayings for a friend for your congratulations here in this section in abundance! Just look around and get unique words that will satisfy any congratulatory card with more expression. We have very carefully researched to offer every individual taste something attractive.

By the way: We would like to cordially welcome congratulations and congratulatory guests in this section – we also welcome jubilees and anniversary celebrations! After all, all the beautiful sayings from our selection are also suitable for birthday invitations, with a suitable slogan, a thematically perfect entry.

New Happy Birthday Sayings

Rejoice in the beautiful, learn to love it.
Find the good, learn it.
Make sure that the truth always dwells in you,
As the crown of your heart.
For in the ornament of these eternal stars,
God and men like you.

Again a year has passed,
Grad it started,
Comfort and remain happy,
The other is the same.
Do not let yourself be spoiled by anything,
Happy hours to enjoy.
Then you say in a year –
This year was wonderful!

With every new year
One gains in experience and wisdom, that is clear to us.
They help us to get through life,
But we have not come together today,
So difficult subjects to be discussed,
Since we still have enough time for in our further life.
We want to celebrate with you and laugh a lot,
To have a nice day together.
To your present day,
We wish you only the best.

Happy Birthday Sayings For a Friend

We hardly believe it, but it i true, the … will … today … year.
Friendly and helpful, he is our friend, for all time.
If you want to make him happy, you give him many things.
But a beer that tastes good to him, together with friends, this is a good custom.
Health, happiness and a request,
Remain quite long in our midst.

A ray in the eyes,
A smile in the face –
And never forget –
No matter how hard it is –
That you are something special! 

Well-being, happiness, contentment
And also a little cordiality
Today on your honor
That is not a question
We wish you all, dear birthday child
You do not want your good mood today

Another year older, do not take it so hard
Because you will not change anything at the age.
Count your years and always remember:
These are a treasure which no one can take from you.

This year has quickly disappeared,
Believe me it is unfortunately not a lie.
But I wish you the next year just as fast,
Because time runs only when you are very happy.

Love, Happiness, Satisfaction,
We wish you a wonderful time,
Health and pleasure should not be missing
And do not let your life-lusts steal
This whole wish
I want to accompany you to the next year

365 days of joy,
Is always as good-tempered as today,
21,900 hours with satisfaction
And the sun always shines for you
1 314 000 minutes of health and well-being
And that we will (see again soon) continue to understand so well.
I wish you this day for your feast
As always, only the best.

Three angels will accompany you 

For your whole lifetime. 

The Englein, which I mean

Are joy, happiness, contentment. 

I wish you
A cloudless sky,
The scent of the most beautiful flowers,
a song,
a laugh,
a wish,
Which is fulfilled –
just everything,
Which gives you pleasure
And you all around

Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings

… years here on earth,
This must be celebrated!
You are a rarity,
A single piece with quality.
A good vintage does not age.
The quality he promises,
Should continue to unfold
And hold at least to 100.

Grief be lame, care be blind!
Long live the birthday child!

We would like to sincerely congratulate you,
And amuse ourselves with you from the heart.
We brought some nice things with you,
Because we know that makes you happy.
We wish you all the best for your present day,
Now the only thing to do is:
In a happy round we want to enjoy the day with you
And because of the year no more shed a tear.

Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings

Want to know how old you are,
Do not ask the years that you have lived,
But the moment that you enjoy. 

Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings

Short birthday talks help to create an expressive birthday bonus. Many of our sayings often consist of just one line and still manage to convey a miraculous message as closely as possible. We recommend you to cull our selection in peace – so you can have a few short sayings on your birthday or anniversary!

Sun in the heart
And friends for life –
The next year will give you!

There are days here on earth,
In which must be celebrated.
… years have passed,
Since your life.
You have ambition, patience and strength
Everything always great.
No matter how many candles burn,
Always stay the way we know you
And also attracts a little cloud,
I am there, leave you on it.

I wish you the best
Pleasures of this world:
Getting into Health Baskets,
Swimming in money,
In success,
In love
And bathe in happiness.

Whoever sees with a cheerful heart only the suns,
Remains always young, that is clear,
Good luck in the new year of life!

Birthday is probably no question
The most beautiful of all earth days.
So I do not want to lose any time,
To the Weighing Festival Congratulations.

Another year passed
How fast it always goes.
But you do not have to worry about the past year
Because a nice new one is standing in front of the door.

The owl takes just like you,
From year to year wisdom.
So I tell you in the ear very quietly:
You will not be older but wise!

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Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings
Happy Birthday Sayings

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