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I Love You Deep Love Messages For Her Love messages and sms collection.

Take and multiply yourself with infinity. Add that to eternity. And now you have a touch of the idea how sweet you are!
I love you, Janek !!!
Your Jana

I look now in the sky for whether an angel is missing,
For how and what you are for me is not of this world!
I look now in the sky for whether you are already missing,
If so, it would not matter to me, because you stay where you are!
WITH ME!!!!!!!!! – I love you!

I Love You
I Love You 

Let me be your teddy, because I want to be cuddled by you!
Love you kissa to the sweet guys out there

A minute without you: to cope.
An hour without you: senseless
A day without you: agonizing
A week without you: unimaginable
A year without you: impossible
A life without you: hell
I love you more than anything else my angel

There are people I like,
There are people I hate,
There are people without whom I can not live
But there is only one person I love !!!

I Love You
I Love You

I just got a call from the sky,
They seek their sweetest little angel on earth –
But do not worry: I did not betray you!

Before I saw you
Was not quite clear to me
That there is something like you
It is incomprehensible to me
As special as you are
I think of you when you read that !!

I love you messages

All my love will I give to thee until we hover above all the clouds. Because you are the only one on this earth I will always love.

You’re my luck, you’re my star, even if you’re spinning, I like you.

1000 hearts are on earth, 1000 hearts love you.
But none of these 1000 hearts loves you like me!

If you love the beauty, then do not love me, for there are more beautiful things for you, but if you love, then love me, for there is none who loves you as much as I do.

I have smelled a rose, a thorn I have stung, with blood I have written, forever I will LOVE YOU!

I love you. I love you. How to write that I do not know. Is not the grammar correct. I love you and that is important.

There are many languages ​​to say, what can be and what nich … but one thing I know, I love you.

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

Oh you my little wuzzel bear, without you I would be halbert. So it’s all up to me to stay, because I love you with soul and body.

I think of you by day and night. I think of you because I like you. I think of you, I like you. I love you, you are my star !!!

If you see a shooting star in the sky, you wish and think of me! I love you!

My love I give to thee, my heart already belongs to thee. All my thoughts are all about you! SOS – I LOVE YOU!

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you.
When I knew you, I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you, I was afraid to fall in love.
And now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you.

I love you, I love you. The most favorite for you. In love, I.

My dear darling: I love you very much, please be my cuddly bear.
Because I do not want to miss you, but only to kiss …

You are the only one for me, I confess to you in the poem. I can not lie. Instead, I tell you (almost) in your face, I only love YOU!

The little star in the sky, that’s me. He should always tell you: “I love you!”. And if you do not like me any more, do not forget him, the little star!

The sun shines in your heart. I love you! You are never alone!

This message comes from my heart, so I will not joke: I mail you, it makes piep, piep, I love you very much!

I wish I were the wind that gently sweeps through your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly, and the moon that watches your sleep. Because I love you.

With skin and hair I am yours, with heart and soul obdrein!

I’m sitting here thinking about you! It comes along, I love you!

My eyes always see your picture. My heart is constantly calling your name. In my head are always you. I love you !!!

With you as a couple, free to be like the wind – just wonderful! I wish it, because I love you so much!

When your beautiful eye greets and laughs like a sun to me in a heavy night, I quickly draw your sweet heart to me and whisper softly to him: I love you!

When you look into my eyes, I know how deep my love is for you. When you take me in your arms, I know: I love you!

3 Roses I send to you: The 1st is for welfare the 2nd for reunion, the 3rd but softly speaks: I love you! Do not forget that!

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