I Love You Short Romantic Love Messages Whatsapp SMS

Before love letters were still handwritten and sent by post. As the technology became more mature, love greetings could also be mated or telegramed to reach the recipient quickly. Today it is much faster and easier with the mobile phone or smartphone: Simply choose a nice saying, and then send it as a Short Romantic love Whatsapp SMS or instant messenger message. So we conjure up a smile to our loved ones today!

Short Romantic Love Messages 01
Short Romantic Love Messages

I Love You Short Romantic Love Messages Whatsapp SMS

Would like to cuddle with you now
And whisper in your hair,
Kiss you and kiss you,
But all I have,
Is just my little pillow.

The most beautiful and important thing can not be said in words.
It’s all there.
A look, a smile, a silence.
A nothing that says it all.

When an asterisk is silent at night
And only shows you a wink,
It tells you
Someone thinks about you and asks you,
Do not forget him.

A love SMS early morning,
Rejoices the heart all day.
She drives away your worries,
It is someone who likes you!

Love Messages
Love Messages

Good Morning Sunshine,
Let me into your heart.
I think of you today,
Because I like you very much.

An SMS with many greetings will sweeten you this day.
With a kisses, cute little, your day will surely be fine today!

A morning mail, very short and small,
Hopping degrees into your mobile phone,
Have a nice day,
It e-mails someone who likes you!

Love Messages
Love Messages

As long as the fire burns upwards,
As long as the water runs downwards,
As long as the vine juice flows completely pure,
As long as you shall be the dearest to me.

1000 stars at night, only thought of you.
A small star that shines only for you
And says very softly: I love you!

I’m sitting here on a sunbeam,
I’ll send you and greet you!
With such small sunshine,
Your day will be quite sweet!

When in the night the roses cry,
And your heart is broken with grief,
Then I would like to appear to you in a dream
And tell you: I love you!

Weather exquisite, humor amusing,
In thoughts always with you, 1000 dear kisses from me!

I wanted to give you roses, but you have to think about them now.
A flower greeting, it should be, but your display is too small!

Love Messages Whatsapp
Love Messages Whatsapp

There is a force that is stronger than anything else,
A force that makes us continue:

Look at the stars today and think of me.
Because I love you!

I want a rainbow, a magic bridge to you.
I can go on till we see each other again!

Romantic Love Message
Romantic Love Message

Lag awake all night,
I only thought of you.
Think of you every day, which means: I love you!

Whenever we see each other,
I must confess to you,
You are the only one for me:
I love you.

Always in joy is the soul that loves.
No treasure of the world can balance their wealth.

Romantic Love Messages
Romantic Love Message

Only once will you experience it
And never will you get it back.
The fate will only be given once,
The true love, the true happiness!

Losing his heart is the most beautiful way to determine,
That one has one.

When you look at the sky
And by an asterisk,
Push it, kiss it, think of me,
For the star, I am.

Short Love Messages
Short Love Messages

If you are bad, think of me,
Because you know I love you.
Shall no smile force you,
But bring a lot of joy.

When a star brightens the night,
Because he is falling from heaven,
Then show you this radiant light,
It is a love for you!

Short Sweet Love Messages SMS

I thought for a long time,
Which would suit a little talk.
Then the beautiful wish came to me:
You should be happy forever!

Since I desire you as wildly,
After your kisses me consume,
You will not send me a sign,
To end my agony?

Love is beautiful and love hurts,
Even if I do not see you times,
I always feel it internally,
You know it, I love you.

In the evening, quietly and quietly, a kisses went on the journey.
Flew secretly to you
And you know what it was from me.

Look up at the star tent,
A star you like.
You shall be his from this day,
I give it to you,
because I like you!

You do not know that this love is like damn drive!
The more I fight against it, the more I sink!

Hello, I’m a Flirt message!
I’m always sent to gaaanz particularly nice and lovely people …
Just like you!

I wanted to send you something uncanny sweet, clever, beautiful and loving.
But unfortunately I do not fit into an SMS.

Here is my poem,
It does not need any more:
I love you,
and you love me.

Think of yourself, day and night.
What am I to do, against this love-power?
I’d like to be with you now,
For my heart is asking for you.

Even though we are hovering above the clouds,
I will give you my love.
Because she is deep, my heart only yours –
Oh, we could be angels.

Would you be a river,
Your water spark would spray,
All flowers would bloom,
Which you touch with your kiss.

I do not need feathers,
No aircraft of steel and iron,
Because of our love
I can also travel the world.

I did not believe in angels
Until I realized
The sky you are.

For the perfect day three items:
You in the morning,
You noon,
You have in the evening with me.

With you it is like in the Orient
Only instead of a thousand-and-one night
You give me infinity.

24 hours has a day,
160 characters has a text message,
And yet both are not sufficient,
To tell you how much I like you.

A look in your eyes
Kidnapped me into another world
For you have mine
Has long been turned upside down.

I just saw black and white,
Until your smile gave me the colors.

I can hardly put it into words,
But since I first saw you,
You have not let go of me.

With thee I will go to the sea,
Our souls dangle,
And when we are home again,
Everyday life is no longer difficult.

Like the flower her leaves
I stretch out my love for you,
Am your rose, tulip, carnation,
Is your big bouquet.

I gave you my heart,
So be careful,
Never leave me alone,
Because I have only one thing.

Love means giving,
Love means Take:
I’ll take you by the hand
And give you my heart.

A quick kiss in the digital way
As a small proof of my love,
Which I cherish for you.

When in the evening all the lights go with the sun,
Our love radiates further
And I can also see in the dark.

In the rain I am your screen,
In storm I am protected by you,
So our love has always served us both!

Just for you I’m ready,
The most valuable asset:
All my time.

You and I together,
Since the chemistry,
The most beautiful thing about it:
That never changes!

Have you searched and found,
Just want to spend with you
All my hours.

Being lonely is not an option,
Because I’ve been so long
In your heart.

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