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Ask five people in your circle of friends, what is love. You will get five different answers. Ask these people for a comparison, and you might hear something romantic like “She’s like a rose that never fades” or something passionate like “She’s like a hurricane that makes you quiver.”

Love Quotes
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The view on love is as different as the much sung and touched feeling itself. It also remains an eternally young theme for those who are happy with an old love affair or who mourn after it. To be loved, every human being wants at the bottom of his heart – it is an elementary need from childhood to the age of old age, but only unfolds in the course of life in different ways. If you compare the love with a plant, it is as tender as a bud in the spring, which breaks with the beginning of the summer and develops into full splendor. In the autumn she is still blooming, but not quite so vital and colorful. One more reason to keep them in winter and to protect them.

When you fall in love, the sky is full of violins

Some already fall in love with the kindergarten or school. You know the heart flicker and bumbling on the anxious question of whether your romantic feelings are returned. And you may remember your first sarcastic love whisper with your swarm in the big break or in the dancing hour. Many believe that the first love is the most beautiful in life and the first love affair the worst of all.

That does not have to be true, but true is that almost nobody forgets the first great infatuation in his life. Sometimes it has the “Beuteschema” in the choice of partner for all times, or in special cases the disappointment with the first contact leads to a serious, long-lasting bond-of-fear. It is true, however, that love can change every individual as a positive: stubborn goats are turned into gentle lambs, scratchbrushes all at once with a smile, and eternal pessimists mutate into expectant contemporaries who look at life as if through a pink spectacle , On cloud seven the everyday life and the future for you at once look like dipped in golden light. All this is possible when you meet the person with whom you combine true and deep love.

Hold on to her

This does not mean: Lock yourself with your love so that you will not be harmed and will not be attacked from outside. Clearly, you may wish to express your feelings of spring in an intimate togetherness with your heart-shaped leaf. You can spend a whole day in your bed, cooking your favorite food, watching kitschy movies, sipping lovely sweethearts, listening to cuddly toys, thinking and dreaming, doing all the crazy things that you may have grinned at others.

Lovers need very close contact, they usually stick together proverbially, want to look constantly in the eyes and kiss. You quickly realize how deeply loving two people are – the bond between them is indeed invisible, but everyone perceives it. A couple in love turns back to each other as if they had been drawn by the thread, touching each other and flirting at times in the presence of others, as if they had just met. Everyone feels it: the air is burning between the two.

The more mature you are, the less you carry your feelings so demonstratively outwards, but even older couples go hand in hand, hook themselves or put their arm around the shoulder or hip of their favorite person as they go through the streets.

When love becomes partnership

At some point, it’s time: you’re going to have a solid relationship with your treasure. Are you now at the destination of your wishes? As a teen, you may call it “I go with it” or what expression is just announced. To go with someone has something binding and trustworthy: you can, for example, complement the sentence with “everywhere,” and in these two words lies everything that makes love. “Where you go, I want to go,” says the Bible, because the sense of togetherness is the essence of love and partnership.

“Carry one of the other burden” – also this Bible word describes very beautifully how you can conceive love, relationship and marriage. Living together strengthens the bond between two people. Unfortunately, a lot of proximity can cause the opposite, so that at least one of the partners occasionally breaks out or at least the desire for it. This inevitably leads to conflicts, because not all the loved ones are blessed with such a great heart that they can give their heart-blade any kind of free development.

Just as your personality must also mature your partnership and life co-operation. The important thing is that the communication between you as a couple is always alive and you openly deal with each other. Unpleasant things should also be brought up – a stable partnership must endure. If it is bored with strife and incompatibilities, a separation sometimes can not be avoided. Then you have heartache, you are disappointed and desperate. The end of a partnership or a relationship can also be a relief, open up new perspectives in life and make you ready for a new love.

When do you know for sure that it is forever?

Clear answer: One hundred percent you will never know. And that’s good. Even if love gives you security and security, she is not a gentle resting pillow. A relationship always means work and a common effort. Moreover, even the hottest and most intimate love relationship is usually not free from doubts. It is people who love the boundless love of the only truth, which is often haunted by fear. They want to be sure not to be afraid of the wonderful feeling and their great happiness.

Whoever thinks this way falls from all the clouds when things do not go so well. Do not automatically ask heaven on earth if you do not want to be disappointed. No one can guarantee that your or your happiness will endure forever. True love wants eternity, but no man has a claim to it. Even the allegiance to the marriage ceremony is not a guarantee for a partnership, which is only death. There can always be things that endanger your fellowship and disperse you. Therefore, as with so many things in life, one must work on one’s own happiness. You do not have to ponder and think every day to keep everything fresh, but it helps to do it at least occasionally and not take anything for granted.

Enjoy to the fullest

Being freshly in love is a wonderful condition when you are really happy and affectionate. You laugh, tease, discover common interests and have a lot of fun with sex. The romance is not too short, you send short love messages by SMS, invented your own love symbols. You give yourselves petitions, and only you two know the codes with which you say: “I think of you”, “I love you” or even “I am keen on you”.

You have heart palpitations before each date, and when you finally embrace, you feel like in the seventh heaven. You are cuddling in the cinema, running close to the water, and even learning or annoying paperwork is easier for you when your treasure is close to you. You float like clouds, and when you fall asleep and awaken, your new flame is your first thought. This emotional state of excitement takes some months in some couples, in others many years. It depends on how carefully you care for your relationship and how well you feed it.

150+ Love Quotes

Your eyes shine upon me,
That I can only think of you.
So I hope you understand me,
When I tell you ‘I love you!’

Close your eyes and think of me,
Because I’m thinking straight to you!
Dream ‘what sweet and dream’ of me,
Because I am dreaming of you!

I saw rainbows in all their splendor.
The great vastness in a sternenklaren night.
I saw sunsets where you are crying,
But never a face as beautiful as yours.

You can chop wood without love, form bricks, forge iron.
But you can not deal with people without love.

So many hearts are on earth,
So many hearts love you,
But from these many hearts,
Does not love you like me.

I can hardly tell you, it’s so hard for me
But it is now so, I love you very much!
I hope you feel exactly the same for me
And can tell me
I also love you!

Is there a better way to deal with life than with love and humor?

It is the heart that gives. The hands only give.

Alexander the Great, Caesar and I,
We have established great empires by violence,
And after our death we have no friend.
Christ founded his kingdom on love,
And still today, millions of people would voluntarily go to his death for him.

Our life can not always be full of joy,
But always be full of love.

The first love, it is rightly said, is the only one,
For in the second and the second
The highest sense of love is already lost.

Inspirational Love Quotes

This is the largest,
What is given to man,
That it is in its power,
Limitless love.

The gift of love can not be given.
It is waiting to be accepted.

I will see them again,
Whom I have loved on earth,
And those expect,
Who love me.

Sun can not be without glow,
Man can not be without love.

In the beginning belong all thoughts of love.
Later all love belongs to the thought.

Experience teaches us,
That love does not exist,
That one looks at each other,
But that one looks together in the same direction.

If I had a piece of paper,
As big as the universe
And as much ink as all the oceans together,
It would not be enough to tell you
how much I love you!

Love is among the virtues,
What the sun under the stars:
It gives them glamor and beauty

Where truth and imagination meet,
There is the highest human feeling.
We call it love.

Lay me as a seal upon your heart,
As a seal on your arm.
For love is strong as death and passion irresistible as the kingdom of the dead.
Their glow is fiery and a flame of the Lord,
So that many waters do not extinguish love and streams can not drown them.

Love alone understands the mystery
To give others and to become rich.

If fidelity is fun,
Then it is love.

A wise man was asked,
Which is the most important hour which man experiences,
Which is the most important man who encounters him,
And which is the most necessary work.
The answer was:
The most important hour is always the present,
The most important person always the one who stands opposite you,
And the most necessary work is always love.

Everything has it’s time,
The time of love, joy and happiness,
The time of sorrow and suffering.
It’s over.
Love remains.

If you love love, follow it,
Their paths are also hard and steep.
And round your wings,
So give it to you,
The sword hidden under the plumage may wound you.
And if she speaks to you, trust her word,
May her voice shatter your dreams,
As the north wind ravages the garden.

Love does not exist,
That one looks at each other,
But to look together in the same direction.

Love is the most powerful power in the world,
And yet she is the most humble,
Which you can imagine.

Poverty makes a thief, love for the poet.

Happiness is love, nothing else.
Who can love is happy.

Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle.
Only the drivers, the passengers and the road are problematic.

Love overcomes everything, and we bow down to their power.

Love is the creator and master of all things and God’s oldest companion.

If you have love, it does not matter,
Whether you build cathedrals
Or potatoes in the kitchen.

It is an advantage of aging,
That one is against hatred, insults
And slander becomes indifferent,
While the susceptibility
For love and benevolence.

In love, all the contradictions of life are lost.
Only in love are unity and duality not in contradiction

Honesty is the only thing higher than life, love, death, than anything else. It alone is constant.

Love is in the one who loves, not in the one who is loved.

Love and hatred are not blind, but they are blinded by the fire which they themselves carry with them.

Luck is love, love is happiness, I have said it and do not take it back.

Whoever does not love becomes poorer, but richer.

Love values ​​its object, hate deprecates it.
Love is outflow of inner worth,
Hate emptiness of inner worthlessness.
Love is animated, the hate is deadened.

Love is founded on weaknesses and nakedness.

To love is to accept a person as he is.
Never take a man’s love for granted.

I can not see how one can have humility without love or love without humility.

Whoever wants to drown an unhappy love in alcohol is foolish. Because alcohol preserves.

This is the monster in love, my dear ones,
That the will is infinite and restricts the execution;
That the desire is limitless,
And act a slave of limitation.

There is only one chain that holds us captive, namely the love of life.

Adam and Eve have devised love, I and my valet have done so.

Everything we take with warmth and enthusiasm is a kind of love.

Love is hope, love is happiness, love brings back some to life.
Love is freedom, love is understood – also you will see: Love is beautiful!

Good morning my love quotes

With the lantern not,
With the heart seeketh men,
For love alone
People open their hearts.

It is not the perfect,
But the imperfect ones,
Which need love.
If a wound was added,
Whether by his own or by a foreign hand,
Then love should come and give him healing
– for what reason did love exist?

You’re the star I’m thinking about.
You’re the star I’m giving away.
You are the star of confidence.
Whatever means: I love you!

I feel your warmth up here,
But unfortunately you are not with me.
I hope I do not have to miss you long,
And can finally kiss you again!

Love is nothing but self
And takes nothing but of itself.
Love does not possess and let it possess itself;
Love is enough for love.

Love is a celebration – it must not only be prepared, but also celebrated.

Love is no way too far.

If we are to enjoy a joy untroubled,
It must be given to a person whom we love

Doubt at the light of the sun,
Doubt at the stars light,
Doubt whether the truth can lie,
Just not at my love.

If you found a heart,
Faithful to you,
In good and evil hours,
Stay closely with him!

If you are sick, take it for good only;
If you take offense, you will be worse.
And if the friend offends you, forgive him and understand:
He does not care for himself, or he will not hurt you.
And if love hurt you, be it a spur to your love;
That you have the rose, you only notice the thorn.

This is the misfortune of the people that they make such a difference between love and friendship, as if one could ever love something else or higher or more beautiful than the soul.

The misfortune of mankind is,
That the one loves the other longer than vice versa.

Love, I give myself to you,
Yours to stay forever!

Friendship and love are two plants on a root.
The latter has only a few more flowers.

Love includes man’s full life,
She is his dungeon and his heavenly kingdom.
Those who have given themselves lovingly in humility,
Who serves and reigns at the same time.

This is difficult: one life is two.
Only one thing is even more difficult: to be lonely!

The evil in love is,
That war and peace are constantly changing.

The essence of true love can always be compared with childhood.
Both have the unconcern, the imprudence, the exuberance, the laughter and the crying together.

The key to the hearts of people,
Will not be your wisdom,
But always be your love.

So take good people, bear badly, but love everyone.

Old friend for new change – blushing is for fruit to negotiate.

There is no excess of love,
No excess of knowledge,
And no excess of beauty.

Voluntary dependency is the most beautiful state,
And how could he be without love?

Room is in the smallest cabin
For a happiness-loving couple.

Love collects the scattering rays of the horizon in a focal point.

To love a person means,
To see him so,
As God meant him.

Those who have given themselves lovingly in humility,
Who serves and reigns at the same time.

When I am with my beloved,
Then the heart is opened to me;
Then I am rich in my mind
And offer the world for sale.

Freudful and sorrowful, thoughtful;
Long and fearful in painful torment;
Heavenly, joyful,
To death:
Happy alone is the soul that loves.

Love and happiness are blind,
And the two of them were very intimate;
Happy are loved,
Lovers are happy.

Love, when new,
Roars like a young wine:
The more they are old and clear,
The more quietly it will be.

If two lovers agree,
Difficulties do not constitute an obstacle.

If two lovers agree,
Difficulties do not constitute an obstacle.

You are the rose of my love,
The Ros’s on my heart’s corridor
They were other paintings
Foreshadowing my rose only.

I love you, you soul that is wrong
In the valley of life after the right fortune,
I love you, many a delusion,
Many a dream broke into dust and pieces.

It is said that love robs the mind,
And give him to those who have none.

A hands-on,
A long kiss on cool mouth,
And then: on a white trail
Let us pass through the meadows.

You are my country,
I your flood,
Who longs for you;
You are the beach,
My blood
Without end.

Love – says one beautiful and correct –
Is a thing, which is extremely important.
Not only is it considered,
What you do with it,
No, you are in such matters
Also curious about what others are doing.

Through thee I will see the world;
Because then I do not see the world,
But only you, you, yourself.

Much better without luck than without love.

If you become foolish out of love,
It would sooner or later be without love.

This is the first premonition of Eternal:
Time to love!

Love is deprived of its great charm,
When it is abandoned by decency.

The pure love of which one speaks so much is nowhere to be found.
The delicacy of the sensations is a mere cerebral hemisphere.

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