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Examples of love messages for SMS & WhatsApp messages as sayings
Sms love messagesSMS news and WhatsApp love formulations are very suitable for the very personal message. We have provided you ideas for this. It is important that you choose the ones that best suit your partner. Better yet, you change them a little, making them even more unique. Of course, you can also take over the love texts. But those who have a little poetical skill can equip them with a very special touch. You can take something in the kitschy and romantic chest. You just should not exaggerate and remain authentic – this is the highest bid. Use calmly also pet names, if you normally handle that as well.

love sms for her
love sms for her

Love Messages SMS & Whatsapp Messages

When the moment has come, it’s time. To tell you how much you mean to me. So infinitely much! Nothing can separate us, we belong together – forever.
Quite normal that you are with me:
It’s normal for you.
But what is normal?
You and I we are not,
Being crazy is the only duty!
My heart only beats for you. Wherever you are, it beats for you. Your presence enriches every second of my life. Just you and me – I love you.
A miracle that you are. A miracle that you are with me. Every minute and every hour with you together shows me, I am healthy. United for all time. You and I against the rest of the world.
Without you at my side everything would not make sense. Full of love – in thought to you. My feelings are indescribable. Honey, you’re just the best man! It feels so good that there is you. I love you!
Love is easy said. But to really love – that is what matters. Everyone knows what love means, but few know how to live love. Your love for me gives me every day the necessary strength that I need. It makes me the happiest man in the world. Thank you for everything!
I tell you that I love you: so much so that it scares me. What comes in such a message about love? Words are nothing but words. But my love for you is simply infinite. I love you more than anything.
Without love, man would be lost. It leads us on the right path. Like a silent companion in dark times. Like a protective angel on all days. You alone are my great love – you are my greatest angel!
I can not have a day without you. You are the man / woman who is always there for me. You know then that it is the right thing, if you know with closed eyes where the way leads you. I love you above all!
From a pure heart you shall know-if you are no longer there, I will miss you.
I tell you so much you mean to me.
I want to give you a kiss today and think about you every day.
In detail, you are just wonderful. Incredible and so beautiful. I love you from the earth to the sun. With every breath. You’re my little teddy bear!
It is so much colorful happenings
So much living life around me –
I could breathe and see
And could understand the most beautiful,
If I had not one: you.
But you are my life,
And the other is dull and empty.
And all waves ebb
And can not give me anything,
Which would be as remote as you are and so difficult.

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