Romantic SMS Messages For Her From the Heart!

Romantic SMS Messages
Romantic SMS Messages

There are friends, there are enemies and there are people like you, whom you never forget before love, I miss you.
For you, the mist would be in the gray of the night, to the sparkling golden fleece of the stars. The coldness of a lighthouse, to the flame of heat.
Look into your eyes, trust everything, sink into your arms, almost drown in your kisses. Search for your heart, experience your love.
Why is a night without YOU always longer than a day with YOU?
Red bull lends wings, I’ll never give a red bull, because otherwise one of the dearest angels would fly away all over the world.
I and you, we are both angels with only one wing. Embrace me and I promise you I’ll fly with you over every hill.
Think about me, too, for every single drop is a kiss for you!
I can not sleep. And you’re to blame. I think of you all the time and the thoughts on you are far too precious to be missed.
What do you think? Can a look into strange eyes have such an effect, change a whole life? If so, your eyes have a very special effect!
One can forget a lot: sadness, pain and tears, sleepless nights and negative thoughts. But someone who is as special as YOU will never forget.
Han tear to the eye, and to thee, to thee, to thee, why thou beseech me, that I should be frightened! Dini Lippe uf mine, that I wish, and let this happen.
I have smelled a rose, thrown at a thorn, with blood I have written, forever I will love you.
To love in your arms is to be like roses.
Do not forget to bring your dog with your dog.
Lonely SMS searches memory to settle down! Please save me, I do not know where else I should go!
A new love is like a new life … You are my new life !!
If you look at the sky, and you slap a little star, then press it firmly to you, because this little star is that I am!
When you tear anere rose gsehsch, because dän dra, thates meh from nome e tropfeeschesch! It shows where the strength of the foe stands, for the foe, where never verge!
Each star is a protector, and illuminates the night with glitter. Once you’re all alone, I’ll be your star in the sky.
Your hands stand for tenderness, your arms for security. Your body for warmth; In your eyes shine the stars.
The little star in the sky that I am, he shall always tell you: “I love you!” And if you do not like me, do not forget the little star!
If the stars did not exist at night, I would not desert like I should live without your beauty! I miss you my darling!
It’s night and I look up I see no star where are they? Their power and glow they lack, just like the sweet smile of you.
When you are sad, do not know what is right, then close your eyes, dream of me and imagine I was with you!
If you die once, I would go to God and tell him: You have enough angels, please give me mine back!
I’m on my way home and I have forgotten something. Now I am at home and know what is missing …. You!
You see the sun like me, the stars like me, the same moon as me. But the tears that I cry because of you do not you see.
My eyes always see your picture. My heart is constantly calling your name. In my head are always you. I love you.
There are people I need. There are people who love me. And there are people like you, I need them because I love them!
Only you have these blue eyes that shine like 2 stars, Only you have this smile that makes me dream. Just you got something special about you that attracts me
Whenever you are far from me, there is silence wherever my heart beats. How could it be otherwise, it is with you!
Once with you in the rain stand and look into your eyes! Just be alone with yourself and just be happy!
If you were a rose in the desert, I would spend the rest of my life kneeling before you, and crying, lest you be thirsty.
Close your eyes and climb up with me on the rainbow, on a sunbeam, up to the stars, into the universe.
What I would like to be: I wish I was your cuddly bear, I would be with you every night. Touch your warm skin and feel the knocking of your heart.
Love is life, love is trust, you can build on true love forever! But friendship is she can be so much more than love!
Why are you so far away? Couple it is more beautiful!
If you were a tear, I would never cry, because it would be a pity to lose!
What if the phone vibrates and no one calls? – The phone is a bit cool.

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