romantic sms messages – sweet text messages to make her smile

Romantic sms messages are fun and easy to write. This article is poured with good examples of romantic news that you can send to a friend, a romantic lover, a good mother and also many beautiful friends at the same time. Happy women use those creative examples to write their own messages.

Romantic SMS Messages
Romantic SMS Messages

~~ -SMS 0 ~~
What is your day so far? Hope is that all the benefit is serene for you today. Fall through to embrace you for the day and bring a cup of sweet tea to you. Have a balanced day!

~~ -SMS 1 ~~
I’ve come home with 100 kisses for your smile. 100 hugs for your warmth and 100 shakes for your playfulness. 100 flowers to make your day sweet and colorful. 100 tickling on your shoulders to get you bouncing and 100% love coming to you.

~~ -SMS 2 ~~
I have a desire to relax all day. Bend your spine and stretch out. Take the scroll and feel the inner muscles loosen. Clear the mind and let the inner thought flow out. Breathe deeply and feel the heart beat passionately. Touch your soul and have an easy day.

~~ -SMS 3 ~~
I’ve flown a small butterfly to your shoulder to whisper over my soft kiss. Smile and hugs to you.

~~ -SMS 4 ~~
Sun shook me with the warmth today. Bright, sunny and bright. I have saved most of it for you. (^. ^)

~~ -SMS 5 ~~
Hugs and smiles. I hide in your hair by kissing you softly. Lightning I grow free with your voice when you feel the passion. I will be with you.

~~ -SMS 6 ~~
A soft kiss on your cheek. Let me hold your hands and feel my heart near yours. Collect your happy smile and laugh for us. I wish to see you soon.

~~ -SMS 7 ~~
You’re cute and cute. I like you very much. wish a good day!

~~ -SMS 8 ~~
Desire to enjoy the tranquility of your company. To embrace you with the sun that smiles over our heads. Let us breathe the positive mood for our health and pleasure.

~~ -SMS 9 ~~
The flowers are now happy, waiting for you to come out and play. Smile to the trees, and they will send birds to sing for you. 🙂

~~ -SMS 10 ~~
I have send the birds to clear the sky about you. They will keep you company while I am not capable of doing so. I always want to be happy, despite the difficulties and uncertainties. Be good!

sweet text messages to make her smile

~~ -SMS 11 ~~
The trees spread their branches over me. They are waving at me like you. It’s home, where I want to be with you. (-.-)

~~ -SMS 12 ~~
My beautiful NAME. It’s a small break for me now. The sun smiles at us, even if the fluffy clouds cover the sky. I woke up with a warm heart and thoughts about you. Hope you are very good today and want to comfort your head on my chest.

~~ -SMS 13 ~~
Relaxing my mind just now. Have a peaceful time for yourself. Catch my kiss in the air 🙂 *

~~ -SMS 14 ~~
The whole smile is for you today 🙂 I awakened by feeling of bliss. I wish you got it too. Together, our smile can seem brighter than the sun. (> * <)

~~ -SMS 15 ~~
Merry Christmas NAME. Enjoy the atmosphere with your family. Surround yourself with fun and serenity. Fill the heart with the magic of peace.

Have fun sending SMS messages to people who love you!

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