paragraph to your best friend on their birthday

a letter to your best friend emotional: Choose from the following collection your favorites and complete it with some personal words. You can be sure that the recipient will be happy about it.

paragraph to your best friend on their birthday
paragraph to your best friend on their birthday

One does not go far in the friendship, if one is not ready to forgive small mistakes.

You are the friend who is always there for me, who always listens to me, which is most important to me, who understands me. I thank you for that!

Even if I say that I am doing well, you realize that this is not true.

Life is never perfect, but there are special moments that make it life-like and there are people who make these moments perfect. To these people you count for me.

paragraph to your best friend on their birthday
paragraph to your best friend on their birthday

When life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, you make me have a thousand reasons to smile.

We are like two puzzle pieces: so different, and yet we fit together perfectly.

In many people, only my mouth smiles. With you, my heart smiles.

I do not need to go to the sea. With you at my side, I can also look at a bucket of water and feel good.

For the world you are somebody, but for me you are the world.

Even though we are so far apart, in my heart you are always close to me.

When I cry, you start my tears.
When I laugh, you laugh with me.
If I have a problem, try to solve it.
When I am sad, I will rejoice through you again.
When I’m in a bad mood, you cheer me up.
When we argue, we get reconciled quickly.
That’s true friendship!

Many people enter my life, but only a few leave traces in my heart like you.

Just a look from you, and I know what you’re thinking, just a word, and I know what you want to say.

And sometimes you are infinitely grateful for getting to know a certain person and having it in his life. That person you are!

A true friend is a man who sees your smile and still feels that your soul is crying.

True friends are not the ones who want to pull you straight when you are on the ground. True friends put themselves first.

A true friend is someone who will stand and leave everything when you need it.

Whoever does not dance with me in the rain will never be with me in the storm, and whoever is not with me in a storm, I need not even in the sunshine.

Not daily contact makes a friendship, but the certainty that one can rely on each other – no matter when and how.

A true friend is always there when a wrong friend is no longer there.

Friends you do not recognize how they praise you, but how they criticize you.

Friendship is like a spell that makes good times even better and makes bad times forget.

Every moment can be the most beautiful, you just have to know with whom you share it.

Friends are people who accept your past, like you in the present, and stand by you in the future.

Friends are people who do not show you the way, but simply go with you.

Friendship should never be seen as a matter of course, because true friendship is almost as rare as love.

The fact that we are changing with time does not leave us any friends. It only ensures that we can see who our true friends are.

Friends are people who stay when everyone else goes.

Really behind you is, who is synonymous times before you.

Friends are like stars. You can not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.

Friendship is when you do not have to say anything and the other one still knows what you think.

This is not your girlfriend who wipes your tears, but the one she does not drop.

A true friend is the one who takes your hand but touches your heart.

True friends never demand, they recognize and give.

A friendship is like a tree: it does not count how high it is, but how deep its roots reach.

A good friend understands you even when you are silent.

Happiness acquires friends, misfortune proves them.

Friends can not be won, they are recognized.

Friendship without confidence is like a flower without fragrance.

Distance may indeed separate friends, but true friendship never separates them.

A true friend will always be with you, no matter how successful your life is.

And suddenly there is someone who just taps a few bucket of color into your life and makes your world colorful again.

Severe times also have their positive sides. For they show us who our true friends are. And with them we can then enjoy the good times really.


Talk –
And have the certainty,
That one is there,
Who not only listens,
But listens.

Silence –
And have the certainty,
That one is there,
Which also includes the

Cry –
And have the certainty,
The one is there,
Who not only waits,
But waiting.

Laugh –
And have the certainty,
That one is there,
Who not only laughs,
But also participates.

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