{COOL*} attitude status for fb & whatsapp

We found and arranged to create this list with 100 very good status messages for WhatsApp and Facebook.

attitude status for fb
attitude status for fb

Attitude Status for Whatsapp

I came, saw and forgot what I was going to do.

Be gentle as an angel, but possessed by the devil!

Occupied in the sense of the charge.

Let’s play “shut up”, you start!

I already have enough stress with my hair.

I’m not fat, my stomach is just 3D.

To all who have never believed in me and said, I will never. I am now Admin with a WhatsApp group!

I am now at an age when the body whispered to you in the ear the next day: never do it again, never again.

Good friends there is no kisses, but the WLAN password.

Show those who want to see you fall, fly without wings.

A lid fits on each pot. Until then, there is fresh film!

For you, red roses should rain. With vases!

This contact has blocked you.

Who wants me?

Last Activity: Dragons killed.- Relationship Status: Again Single.

Too stupid for love!

I’m nothing for the faint of heart!

Emotions are nowadays just what for brave.

Guys are like Easter bunnies: Sexy, charming and intelligent. But who already believes in the Easter bunny?

I’m just waiting for you.

Bullied by Amor.

My heart is temporarily closed for renovation.

I do not want the princess, I’ll take the lock!

A message from you. A smile from me!

NEW Address: Cloud No. 7!

I do not want anyone but the man / woman for life!

Put in good hands.

All those who post something like, “I’m hard to find, easy to lose” remind me of my socks!

I do not want to write with you. I want to be with you.

Relationship Status: I’m lying diagonally in bed.

Even the thought of you, makes me smile in the face.

I want someone who loves me and not just someone who needs me not to be alone.

You still have not chosen me, only satisfied you are with me.

Appearance attracts, character holds fast.

Enjoy the moment before he becomes a memory.

Of course, I’m going to hell. Even with VIP Ribbon and Freigetränk!

Unrealistic plans are all my thing!

We are young – that justifies everything!

The clever tumbles.

We have lost contact with reality! Stay relaxed and find us again!

I have no idea what you mean, but I’m there!

Drunk I’m already a small highlight!

You danced cool yesterday! Danced? I tried to stand !!

The brain cell, which knew this, died by alcohol!

I’m awake. I do not want to say more to my present condition.

Examinations can be repeated, parties do not.

Bye bye and decency – By Monday!

Work is not for me, I am rather the leisure type.

Some are going to party at night, the others have wild sex at night. And I charge my mobile phone at night.

Door frame with the small toe hit; Career as an opera star …

I’m always so tired, because so many talents are dormant in me.

In our time there was “Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll” replaced by “Lactose intolerance, Veganism & Helene Fischer”

No one looks back later on his life and remembers the nights when he slept a lot.

His true status was his humanity.

If life gives you a lemon, ask for salt and tequila.

There are things about which I do not even talk with myself.

The cat does not let the mouse.

Anyone who wants to go with me must RUN!

Tame birds dream of freedom, wild fly.

Whoever stops becoming better has stopped being good.

Never stand, because life goes on!

Sometimes we wait with certain things for as long as we have a second life.

Dance! Especially from the row!

Whoever lets go has both hands free.

Everything will be more expensive, only the excuses will be cheaper.

Should someone seek me: I will dig my grave …

Try to drop everything instead of going twice!

Do not tell me I should calm down, that makes me aggressive!

Brave girls post everything on Facebook, nasty girls avoid leaving evidence.

I know that the voices in my head are not real, but they have so insane horny ideas!

In my head it just made sense!

attitude status for whatsapp

My WLAN is now called GIS-Messwagen-7. I’m curious about the reaction of my neighbors!

I love listening to someone when I know the truth.

I’m planning conversations that I will never have in reality.

I’m not writing, that’s Teamwork!

What happens when I get on it … Oh, Oh

I can now even guess what I mean by that.

Sleep today with the window open. 333 mosquitoes like this.

I can sing 3-voice: Loud, False and with enthusiasm!

Changed my diet. The chocolate is now to the left of the laptop!

Looking at my salary is just one conclusion: I have made my profession a hobby.

For certain people I go to the end of the world. For others not even the phone.

The best answers always come after the conversation.

Where others despair, I only begin to get really good!

The combination of early, cold and dark is absolutely not my thing!

For 6 years I have not drunk any alcohol, not smoked, had no sex, but then I came to school!

.. and so I finished with a spoon in front of the Nutella glass!

Watching a spider is not the problem. It only becomes a problem when it is suddenly gone.

I’m not stupid, the others just do not understand my logic.

I’m not in the world to be like others would like me.

I’m not a clever, I know it really better.

By the way, I’m not perfect and do not work on it either.

The social network was earlier: Outside

Last week was a power failure. PC went directly out. For this I spent two hours with my family. Seems to be really nice people.

attitude status

Attitude Status for Facebook

God created the time, he did not say anything from a hurry (proverb from Finland).

Whoever learns nothing can not forget anything.

Friends are God’s excuse for relatives.

My mother has just fainted. It’s my fault when she reads my diary.

You do not grow up, only the toys become more expensive.

Come on the dark side – we have biscuits.

Growing up – I’m doing a lot, but not everything.

Everyone has to believe in something – I think I drink one more.

Each of us is art – drawn from life.

Blood group: VODKA positive

I believe my hamster is bothering!

Who breathes in must exhale, who falls asleep must sleep.

I say what I think, so I can hear what I know.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

Only when you stumble, one is on the way.

To be more educated than to be educated.

I think I’ll throw it all over and become a princess.

What am I to do with the prince? I’ll take the horse!

I’m not perfect but close!

Why go on foot, have four healthy tires!

I’m not disappointed, I’m shocked to be so wrong.

Really behind you stands, who is synonymous times before you.

I will not fight for my friends. I will win for them.

Vanity is the art of being proud of its own stupidity!

Crazy? I? Nee … The voices would have told me!

I wish it was yesterday and I had the mind of today.

Roll the carpet back – I do not come!

I’d rather be rich than sexy, but … what can you do ?!

Even if the way is the goal … somehow it would be nice to arrive.

I so: Oh, please! My life like this: Nope!

Calories are small animals that sew the clothing at night.

Perhaps we should sometimes do what makes us happy, and not what is perhaps best!

I know many stupid people, but someone always breaks the Highscore.

Finding new protective gel – mine is with the nerves in the end!

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