Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

Birthdays are something very special in the life of everyone. In any case, the anniversary of the birth should be celebrated honorably – and how could you do this better than with a funny and cheeky saying on the birthday card? To bring the laughter to the table and take the seriousness from the solemnity – and this is best done with a bold, cheeky saying. He is supposed to make the laughter, bring the trigeminal glands on tours, laughs, of course, and let the birthday child blush. Look at the wrinkles in old age? Highlight the gray hair? The superfluous kilos appeal? Riding around on the age? Hach how can one so beautifully with a successful cheeky saying the birthday child from the version; of course, everything in the human frame. This is delivered here. An immense selection of originality and imagination in short, crisp two-strings and multi-stance. For cheeky is awesome and gives the personal birthday greeting a personal touch. Whether funny, funny, humorous, sarcastic and mean – only the best is to be!

Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday
Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

Long Birthday Paragraphs for girlfriend

You have no more hair on your head
and often cry after them,
but according to good, old custom
your center now has a belly.

Beauty can not be called you,
but all the people who know you,
who love you for your jokes,
because they are really top.

You have not been a woman for a long time
and sometimes he weeps after him,
but friends, they have remained to you,
who love you with all your heart.

So we came today,
have freed us,
congratulations, old house,
from year to year you look older.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday
Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

what to say to my wife on her birthday

Your face adorn deep folds,
so it is with us old,
since only the surgery,
Wear from the brain to the knee.

You once had the dream figure,
but nothing is stronger than nature,
which you drink in the form of beers,
when you bring boxes home.

Also your memory was already better,
for that you are a good eater,
one can not have everything,
Enjoyment and beauty.

Despite all this – congratulations,
we hope there is plenty of punch,
with which we attack your good,
to your birthday – the big one.

With beauty you are not blessed,
but with years already,
I would never have met you,
life would not have been worth it.

Do you sometimes say stupid things,
flee the women also before you,
with you you can open a barrel
and for that I am here today.

I have no gifts,
to be present is something that counts,
because on the birthday all alone
to be sad makes this world.

My God, have you grown old,
this is not a cow skin,
sooner, I must tell you,
you better looked out.

You have increased a lot,
in the face and at all,
that aging is so fast,
I would never have believed.

Happy Birthday,
who knows how much is that,
hopefully there’s something to drink,
so that you never forget him.


In life you have to set priorities
and you have your long set,
the dream woman afterwards,
who like you at the Date happy.

In life you have to set priorities,
you have done well with food and drink,
the surgeon had to sharpen the scalpel very much,
for your lust for love made you sick.

In life you have to set priorities
and if I do not like you too much,
a tear will wet my eye,
if I congratulate you on my birthday.


The women have lied to you,
humiliated and also deceived,
the first and the second marriage
ended with awe and woe.

The men only by your side
have faithfully escorted you here,
because male friendliness is pure
and always of an honest nature.

Leave it with the women,
because they only gave you suffering,
for the birthday we congratulate cordially,
that would be painful to you without friends.


When God once distributed the noses,
because you have shouted too loud “here”
when he stayed with his head hair,
you have unfortunately remained very mute.

You have many features,
such as laziness and television,
while we liked the women,
caught the escape before you.

In spite of all this,
because each of us likes you very much,
to your friendship ever,
Happy Birthday!


You were born, into your nappies,
there you were still cute, quite innocent and small.
Now you are grown up, out of the diapers long ago.
The “putzig” is gone, bigger you still do not look.
Today is a year more,
and with innocence it is not too far away.
You will once again wear the diapers of that time,
and that is exactly what you long for the childhood days.
But until then you remain a few years’
I wish you good luck and health … ..and full hair!

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