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An individual experience is defined as an experience in a particular case. In general, life experience means the totality of all the experiences a person has ever had. If you are looking for a saying on this subject, you are right here.

“Is it worth it?” asks the head.
“No, but it does so well!” answers the heart.

Happiness is the only thing that doubles,
when you share it.

Life Experience Quotes Messages Sayings
Life Experience Quotes Messages Sayings

Life Experience Quotes

We live too much in the past, we are afraid of the future, forgetting to enjoy the present.

Sometimes you hate the people you love the most,
because he is the only one who can really hurt you.

Only those who accept his yesterday and today,
can make his morning free. But who
free hands has the future to seize.

Everyone said: “That can not be done. Then came a man who did not know and did it.

All love, all good,
today something is sad to us.

If you leave us today,
it does not mean that we do not see each other again.
in any case, we will be in further contact.

We thank you for the great time,
and wish success and health.

The more beautiful and full the memory,
the harder the separation !!
But gratitude transforms the memory into a quiet joy.
One does not carry the past beauty as a barb, but as a precious gift in itself!

Albert Einstein had to go
many university lectures
about its relativity theory
hold. Once his driver said
to him: “Professor,
I have this lecture now
already so often heard that I had
Word by word.
I could certainly use it as well
keep well like you. “
“Good,” said the scholar,
“where we are going now,
you do not know me personally.
I put your chauffeurs hat
and you keep mine
Lecture as Professor Einstein. “
Said and done.
It all worked well.
Only after the end of the lecture
presented him one of the professors
a very complicated question,
with equations and formulas
spiked. The chauffeur
responded quickly and said:
“I’m surprised you’re me
ask something simple.
Such simple things even know
my chauffeur. I leave him
call to let you get away from it
can convince.”

Life Experience Sayings

In old age have memories
the same value as in the
Youth the dreams.

Who a day happy
to be drunk.
Anyone happy a month
to be a pig
Who will be a year happy
wants to marry.
Who will be happy a life
will have to love his profession.

Nothing has to be so, just because it is always
so has been.

Many people miss the little luck,
while waiting for the big in vain.

It is not important to go through the wall with your head, but to find the door with your eyes.

Life is one
Challenge ….. meet her.
Life is a gift take it.
Life is an adventure ….. dare.
Life is grief …. overcome it.
Life is a tragedy.
Life is a duty ….. fill it.
Life is a game ….. involve you in it.
Life is a secret ….. Discipline.
Life is a song ….. sing it.
Life is an opportunity ….. seize it.
Life is a journey ….. make it to the end.
Life is a conversation ….. keep it.
Life is beauty ….. praise it.
Life is a fight ….. imagine yourself.
Life is a goal ….. reach it.
Life is a mystery ….. nasty it.

Things are never the way they are.
They are always what you get out of them

I live, I think I’m sleeping, I’m fed up,
I laugh loudly or quietly, I look at the world with great,
curious eyes, I have friends, I remember
I listen to others and
I love to tell myself, I breathe deeply – is it all
nothing at all?

Goodness in the words creates confidence.
Goodness in thinking creates depth.
Goodness in gifting produces love.

Never fear to try something new, remember the Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.

Love is created for eternity. It can be done with
Disappointment, indifference, neglect, and the like
or lose it all. But as man is an eternal
If he longed for life, he could also have the idea of ​​a
Transience of love is difficult to accept.

Whoever recognizes others is taught.
He who knows himself is wise.
Whoever defeats others has muscle powers.
Whoever defeats himself is strong.
Who is content is rich.
He who does not lose his midst, lasts.

Love discovers the strengths of others
and can live with his weaknesses well.

The lie is already three times around the world until the truth has attracted the shoes.

Humor is one of the best clothes you can wear in company.

Mistakes in life can be traced,
but do not eradicate.

Man has three things
Ways to act wisely:
first, through reflection,
that is the noblest; secondly, through
Imitating is the easiest;
thirdly, through experience, that is
the most bitter

Who does not do stupid things,
does not make anything clever either.

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