Long distance relationship love quotes, messages and status for Whatsapp

Long distance relationship love quotes
Long distance relationship love quotes

Relationship is generally a positive perceived connection between two people who find themselves sympathetic and trust each other. There are many types of relationships such as: A love affair, a parent-child relationship, friendship, or a business relationship. Here you will find a collection of relationship phrases, poems, and quotes on the subject of relationship and sayings relationships.

Long distance relationship love quotes
Long distance relationship love quotes

Love between two people
lives from the beautiful moments.
But it grows through the difficult times,
both of which cope.

Long distance relationship love messages

Look into your eyes, you all
trust, share every joy with you,
we overcome all the pain.
Fall in your eyes, almost in your love
drown, that I wish of you,
together – we!

Trust is a delicate plant. Is it
destroyed, so it does not come so soon.

And when many miles separate us, I’m glad we know each other. You belong to the people you never forget.
Because you’re special.

You will never know how much I loved you,
because no one heals a healed wound, if she has ever hurt.

There are people with whom you can let your legs and your soul dangle. You can just be yourself, without a facade, no doubt, sometimes even without words. These people are rare, if one has found one you must hold him.

Not the beauty decides who we love,
but love decides who we find beautiful.

Love is like a rain after a long dry season.
Love is like the spring after the cold winter.
Love is like a rosarote glasses that give a life
life value.
Love is you! And when you’re with me, everything has
Live a meaning. When you’re there, happiness breaks out
me out. But if you leave me, leave me
the feeling of love, of security and happiness.
Then the winter returns. The cool everyday life eats me.
I can not live without you without the feeling of love for you.
I need you, like nature without sun and no rain
dies, so a part of me dies when you are not there.
Now I know what love is.
Love is you.

When you write to each other,
is connected as by a rope.

it is over soon,
also the last thing that united us,
then breaks in two.
all the years
the tears,
the one-sidedness,
are now unmasked.
and you still laughs,
be warned.
everything I was,
I gave out blind love
and tangle,
in your hands
and where once my heart,
are now federations.
which hide the scar,
which is there now prangt …
for all that,
what I wore for you,
you did not even thanks.
no nothing.
except your criticism,
your anger,
your daily failure.
you’ll see me again,
when my legs carry me again …
and I your words
will i tell you
you will be in my place
she will be everything for you
and despite your efforts,
laugh at you
and then go … just,
because she was too comfortable for everything
and found you,
do you see your heart now,
ripped out … in your hand.
… then exactly then,
you will see me before your spiritual eye,
I’ll smile and you’ll see me hand in hand,
with my big love,
in the direction of the horizon.

Long distance relationship quotes
Long distance relationship quotes

To have full confidence in a loved one is like the primal trust of a child to his mother; it instinctively knows that it is always loved, even if it makes mistakes.

Long distance relationship status for whatsapp

I sat all alone, in front of my PC.
Thought of nothing.
When it happened, and I read it.
It was you who wrote me there.
I thought: should I answer you or not?
My head said yes, and I did.
It was only short sentences that I wrote to you.
From that day on, I met you almost every day.
From all the words that had fallen,
a wonderful friendship born.
One day when I saw you again.
Then you asked me, Are you my guardian?
My head pulsed.
How did he mean this?
I did not think too long, and said yes!
This friendship that we lead here is just wonderful.
To know you is very beautiful.
Do not let this friendship end.
I thank you, you are my light at the end of my tunnel!
Leave me for you, the stalk in the wind.
Be your rock in the surf.
And much more.
I thank you so much!!

Love also needs care. I give the beloved less
Attention, love can gradually lose strength. Lasse
I, on the other hand, in my desire to go to the beloved one every day
To make new pleasures, love can grow through it.

Close your eyes. Climb with me on the rainbow. On a sunbeam.
Up to the stars. Into the infinity.

Never trust the words of a person who loves you. For she is lying.
You can trust a stranger, for he has nothing to lose.

In search of myself, according to mine
own I, I found the man,
who will help me understand myself,
and who still let me live my life.

Goodness in the words creates confidence.
Goodness in thinking creates depth.
Goodness in gifting produces love.

Love is created for eternity. It can be done with
Disappointment, indifference, neglect, and the like
or lose it all. But as man is an eternal
If he longed for life, he could also have the idea of ​​a
Transience of love is difficult to accept.

Love is life because it opens feelings, minds and senses.

The fool thinks themselves wise, but the wise man is a fool.

Do not seek the true love,
It has long since died,
Not the world in which you live
But people are spoiled.

relationship quotes
relationship quotes

Any attempt to define love with words becomes futile
be. Is love the need to do good to the other? Is love
the desire to be close to the lover? Love is warm
Feeling when I look the lover in the eye? Or is love
Care, benevolence, responsibility for each other, intimate
Common ground? All of these may be partial aspects, but ultimately
Love not to describe.

Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the drivers, the passengers and the road are problematic.

Love alone understands the mystery
to give others and themselves
to become rich.

Love is the gift of one’s own person to another – one
Gift that does not lead to loss, but to fulfillment.

Things of love are only with the
Eyes of love.

You as a man, or a friend;
I could never forget.
You showed me so many things.
Things I can never forget.
The days pass, into the country.
Without you.
My dearest friend.
The nights so long, without you.
During the day the grief is manifested,
and makes itself wide.
You are deep in my heart.
My dearest friend, it does me
so much sorry.
You are something special .
Such a friend as you are!
I never meet more in my life.
Your tender words sound, still me
in my ear.
I should forget such a man?
No, never, never!
Because you are something special for me.
My dearest friend, I can not forget you!
You live in my heart, very deep;
And that forever.

Two black birds are circling
everyday gray sky behind clouds,
I can tell by their wings
their love to each other. Between
Spans its wings
they air for each other, they let wind
are by their power. And in that
Wind is carried the other.

I want to love you without holding you,
will make me a judgment without condemning you,
will be near to you without penetrating you,
wants to encourage you without you,
wants to leave you without guilt,
wants to criticize you without hurting you,
and wants to help you without making you dependent.
If I can tell you of this,
then we can really meet
and enrich each other.

Go with people
as with wood around,
to a worm-like little bit
you would never get the whole
Discard the trunk.

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