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“Take care of yourself” is also a kind “I love you” to say.

Never fall twice into the same person, because the second time, you will only be remembered.

When the sun is falling, the stars shine.

I’m sitting here thinking about you! It comes along, I love you!

There are people we always carry in our hearts. No matter when, where and how.

Your eyes shine upon me,
that I can only think of you.
So I hope you understand me,
when I tell you ‘I love you!’


Your eyes sparkle like the stars at night.

Love does not exist,
that one looks at each other,
but that one can look together in the same direction.
Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Because, you see, every day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Love is when you feel the closeness despite the distance.

Adam and Eve have devised love, I and my treasures have done so.

“Is it worth it?” asks the head.
“No, but it does so well!” answers the heart.

Can not sleep, can not eat,
can not forget your eyes.
Time stands still, you are so far,
I miss you so much, my little star!

Whatsapp love status
Whatsapp love status

 . :::. . :::.
:::::::. :::::::
You are the password to my heart.

Love is no way too far. [Bauernregel]

Love your present and not your neighbor. [Peter Hille (1854-1904); German socialist poet and mystical dreamer]

The whole world is sky blue when I look into your eyes! [Peter Kraus]

It goes up and down,
always and constantly back and forth.
Like a yojo is love,
and I want more and more!

Whatsapp love status
Whatsapp love status

For the world, you are someone, for anybody you are the world. And that’s someone I am.

I talk to the closet, flirt with the TV and have breakfast with the vacuum cleaner before I even start a relationship with the toaster, sign up!

Once love is asking the friendship: “What is it for you, if there is me?” She replied, “To make a smile there where you leave a tear!”

Sparkling stars will glow, fragrant roses will fade.
But Our love will last all. Created for eternity, it blasts all the walls.

Like a star in the heavenly tent, I sparkle you, because I can not live without you.

Honor without love makes arrogance

Order without love makes petty

Love never dies of hunger, but it is more of saturation. [Ninon de Lenclos]

Love always finds you no matter how well you hide.

And may you always have backwind and always sunshine in the face. And may the storms of fate bring you up to dance with the stars.

Give each one a second chance, because at some point you need it yourself!

I met you at half past four, I drank a beer, was dear to you.

Prefer an honest devil as a hypocritical angel!!!

These love words, which are aimed directly at the heart, are a source of inspiration, in order to inflame the fire of love in the case of inspiring relationships or even in a love-loving couple.

They are the deepest-flying angel I know.

You are pure heart. You may happen.



Your intelligence is surpassed only by your beauty.

Take a McDreamy, please!

“Would you show me the direction?”
“To your heart!”

For Him: “How do you feel when you are the most beautiful woman in the room?”

For you: “How do you feel when you are the only sensible man in the room?”

I’m an excellent cook. My specialty is breakfast in bed.

Checking the label of a piece of clothing and muttering the following: “I thought I was, Made in Heaven.”

It would be an honor for me to take you home tonight.

If you have worries or grief, simply dial this number: …

For the love of the first glance, a second …

(¯` •. •’¯)
 As shown in Fig.
        • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Without women it does not happen, even God has to recognize it.

With all that one does with all your heart, one does not look for helpers.

A love declaration is like an opening at chess: the consequences are obvious.

Since I love you, I am only myself,
when I am no longer just me.

A kiss is a thing you need both hands for.

A kiss is a print with emphasis to expressing the impression.

What makes love? Forward and nice waving!

My elegance comes from within. I’m not getting rid of myself. I do not like being in a state of liberation, I radiate independence and freedom, as everyone can see who wants. (Cyrano De Bergerac, modified)

Poverty makes a thief, love for the poet.

Love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction. [Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

Charm is the way a person says ‘yes’ without asking a specific question.

Love is a great illness – there must always be two to bed. 😉


Love does not blind. The lover sees only far more than there is.

 I love Myself
I love myself. I love myself. Forever for me. In love I? 😉

Lovers close their eyes when kissing, because they want to see with the heart.

Love is the ability to perceive something similar in dissimilarity.

The most precious possession of the girl is the man’s imagination.

Old love does not rust – it snaps at most.

Women like to remember the men with whom they could laugh.

Every tear is part of the way into a new time.

No one is worth your tears, and the one who is worthy will do all that you must never cry!

A mouth can laugh, even if the heart cries.

My soul has more scars than my body.

“Live” and you will be hurt and hated “dying” and you will be loved and missed.

I’m not crying because I’m sad, but because I’ve been strong for too long!

Who lost? You … I myself … Or us?


How shall a man be lifted up to heaven with both feet upon the earth?

Nobody knows how I feel and yet anybody says I can understand you ..!

Sometime comes the time when you learn to be ice cold so you do not break yourself ..!

Beautiful words are not always true, but true words are not always beautiful.

Scars remind us of the experience, but they do not define our future!

It is much better to forget and smile than to remember and be sad.

How far I am to man when I dwell with them, and how near when I am far from them.

An extinct passion is colder than ice.

Doubt at the sun’s clarity, doubt at the stars light, doubt whether the truth can lie, only in my love not.

The only important thing in life are the traces of love that we leave when we leave.

Your relationship will change when you change.

Not everyone is happy who looks happy. Some only smile to keep from crying.

It is much better to forget and smile than to remember and be sad.

I can hear you whisper … but you can not even hear me scream !!

The most amazing women are always a bit crazy.

I just stand on men who have cultivated one at the clap.

You wear a mask for such a long time that you forget who you really are.

There are also angels who do not fly, but just sit around and wait for you.

No, the world is not pink! And she does not glitter either!

There is always some madness in love, but also some reason in madness!

Better a single and a rascal than forgiven without life!

Tears can be wiped away – not feelings!


The letter you wrote,
he does not bother me at all;
you do not want to love me anymore,
but your letter is long.

Twelve sides, tight and elegant!
A small manuscript!
One does not write so extensively,
if one gives the goodbye.

Whatsapp love messages
Whatsapp love messages

`* .¸. * ‘
……. </s> </s>)
(. ¸ </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s>

Life was easier when I found girls still stupid!

Time does not heal any wound, you only get used to the pain!

It is not important with how many beautiful words a sentence is formulated, but how serious it is meant!

If someone does not get out of his head, then he belongs to your heart.

No answer is the clearest answer you can get.

Do not think so often of what you lack, but of what you have.

I do not regret a second with you! Too bad that you see it differently …

He who does not understand your silence does not understand your words either.

Those who have nothing to say are talking a lot. Those who have something to say, however, hardly.

The grief that does not speak gnaws at the heart until it breaks. [William Shakespeare]

“There are perfect men at every corner,” said God, shaping the world.

Do not cry when the rain falls.

Give me my heart back before it breaks.

Women want to experience romance in love – men short stories.

And who says “I love you, but …” did not understand anything anyway …

The ballerina dances faster than her shadow
and smiles away from her feelings.

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