Birthday paragraph for her – Sample birthday letters for girlfriend

Women love birthday paragraphs. This was so in the so-called old times and it is still so today. The time of poetically presented words has not fallen into oblivion. It is still new and interesting. Right now, in our fast, head-driven world, men can score points with poetic poems. A man who, with lyrical words of his beloved, says why she is the luminous star on the firmament for him, will fondle her romantic soul.

birthday paragraph for her
birthday paragraph for her

Is there eternal love? Women are very safe there. They want to hear that the chosen one loves them, forever. This is the great hour of men to express their inviolable love with a very personal poem. A declaration of love in well-meaning words and verses brings every heart of women to melting. Not every man can write a poem simply from the Stegreif. A poetic magical work emerges with some reflection and the combination of the feelings that are to be expressed. Anyone who chooses the verse form to congratulate the woman of his choice for a birthday can be sure of their full attention and affection. It is quite legitimate to look up with great poets and thinkers what words they once used. Of course, this is not to be depreciated here, but it can give impulses to one’s own poetry.

birthday paragraph for her
birthday paragraph for her

Shallow and nonsensical words have nothing to do with sentimental poetry. Likewise, slippery phrases do not belong to a birthday poem for a woman who wants to prove feelings and romanticism. And something else is important. Women love it when they make a man laugh. However, the humor of men for women is often too crass. In order to get an inspiration in humorous verses, the view of poems of humorous poets is helpful. Own strengths and weaknesses and those of the partner put in their own words in verse, bring the desired success.

Men usually find it difficult to tell their partners how much they feel they are loved. The more romantic and poetic words the partner says, I am happy to be your husband. Such a declaration of love always falls on fertile ground. With such words, no man has to wait for his beloved’s birthday, the wedding day or Valentine’s Day.

birthday paragraph for her
birthday paragraph for her

Romantic feelings in poetic words have captured their charm and attractiveness over time. Women have a sure instinct for poetry and romance and appreciate the poem as an expression of joy, friendship and love.

As a woman, you offer much, much more often than your husband,
never complain, not even from time to time.
We want to honor this today
and do not deny you many gifts,
because today we celebrate, Your birthday is today,
which is why all the people have come.

birthday paragraph for her
birthday paragraph for her

Sample birthday letters for girlfriend

We want to thank you today, dear woman,
that you do a lot to us, we know exactly.
Just on this particular day,
you should know that I like you very much.
For the birthday I wish you all love and goodness,
stay the way you are, always feel happy.

Sample birthday letters for girlfriend
sample birthday letters for girlfriend

It is said that women are very strong and wise,
that with them often passes the time as in flight,
that is also true, if one takes you as a measure,
because with you the time passes very quickly.
In gratitude, I greet you today very much,
on your birthday we appreciate you even more.

What would life be without women and dreary,
especially because you are one of them.
Since you have a birthday today,
we are here with you today,
we greet you kindly, we greet you dearly,
You are our little heart thief.

sample birthday letters for girlfriend
sample birthday letters for girlfriend

As a woman you have done a lot for us,
probably much more than we ever saw.
We would like to thank you very much today,
please do not put us in the way.
We came today because you have a birthday,
and will gladly come back to you for a rest.

Women are warm, understanding and loving,
they do much good without any resentment.
You too are one of these women,
this is also the reason why we are looking past today.
Because today you have a birthday, my child,
which is why we are happy to be with you.

sample birthday letters for girlfriend
sample birthday letters for girlfriend

As a woman you have understanding for everyone,
you can always talk so well with you.
This day, I take the occasion,
to show you to a high degree,
how important you are to us all,
because today is your birthday.

If a woman has birthday,
then often the family council,
to be with her and to honor her,
you will not deny that on this day.
That is what she deserved,
for good deeds do not remain unpunished.

Because my wife has birthday today,
she has earned a particularly good deed.
She gets a really very nice present today,
something that shows you that I always think about her.
It is a ring with sparkling stones,
I hope she does not begin to cry now.

A woman always helps where she can,
she helps her children and her husband,
where help is needed, it is always there,
she is so close to her loves.
On her birthday she is rewarded,
and today times so properly spared.

As a woman it is often not easy,
because often the anger reaches daily.
But women, who are very rare,
they live in completely different worlds,
for they never give up,
so life takes its course.
And because you have a birthday today,
let us take your load today.

sample birthday letters for girlfriend
sample birthday letters for girlfriend

Birthday paragraph for her

To the dear birthday child in honor,
we will not deny him a little dance.
We like to celebrate, until it crashes,
have already laughed quite a lot,
Celebrating further until the morning,
without grief and without worries.

Dear guests, we are all here today,
drink together so many a beer,
there is a reason,
because our host has birthday, this old dog.
Invited us today,
so let us celebrate now, dear people.

sample birthday letters for girlfriend
sample birthday letters for girlfriend

Birthdays are very nice,
because the guests never want to go home.
Dancing like, laughing and singing,
want to bring a serenade to the jubilee.
Telling about past years,
know friends are the true.

Once again your birthday party,
in which we participate, if you leave us,
We like to celebrate with you,
want to wrestle old stories,
congratulate you very fine,
just want to be with you today.

romantic birthday letter for girlfriend
romantic birthday letter for girlfriend

Happy Birthday to You,
do you feel like a party today?
Yes, then we want to laugh with you,
many fun things,
eat, drink, and also sing
and then bring you home.

Hello, dear birthday child,
there is a reason why we are with you.
We have come to present you,
because we like to think about you.
We are happy to be with you,
because you invited us.

A party that is fine,
because they do not celebrate alone,
many guests come today,
bring with other people,
to congratulate you,
there are even more than four.

romantic birthday letter for girlfriend
romantic birthday letter for girlfriend

Dear guests, listen to me well,
the time has passed so fast as in nu.
It’s been a year,
which we have celebrated very much.
Today we are celebrating again,
singing many songs for the birthday.

Let us celebrate this very day,
our guests even come from Bavaria,
from very far away they are aired,
as you know as a host.
We’re all here for your birthday,
now welcome us with a beer.

I am so glad we are here today,
have come to celebrate you, my child,
it is long since we did this,
which is why we are here three times you may advise,
The reason is your present day of honor,
I too am here because I like you.

Today to your honor
wish you all the best
Health and happiness in all things
with strength and courage there will be many successes
always a lot of love and joy in life
and at any time God’s rich blessing!

I wish you a birthday
Love and much attention
Peace and serenity
as well as a smile for each day

All love, my best
for a birthday and a great party!

Today we think of you,
dear birthday child, worries today are not ‘
instead, many gifts and even more cakes
and all who like you will come to see you

A big party for our birthday party
which today rises with many guests throughout the house
it is eaten and drunk, celebrated and laughed
always once a year, We do it all night

Happy Birthday my mouse,
many congratulations and a bouquet,
a delicious cake and great gifts
and the guarantee that I think of you today

Our dear good birthday child
we are all particularly well-disposed towards today,
bring gifts and lots of flowers,
eat with you cake to the last crumbs,
sing the most beautiful birthday songs
and will be back next year!

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