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On this page you will find numerous cool sayings for your WhatsApp status. If you want to write your message as a status in the popular messenger with a few cool texts, you can find some examples here. The WhatsApp status should actually be used to describe its current status and current situation. So you can leave something behind you, for example, that you are currently on the road and can only write back with difficulty so that the sender of a message should not be surprised if he did not immediately receives an answer. But the WhatsApp status can be synonymous like in Facebook or the good old ICQ synonymous, for example, cool spellings spell that the reader may conjure a smile to the lips. But even if you always see funny texts that are perfect for the WhatsApp status, you can read them mostly at the wrong moment, and you do not often find any sayings when you’re looking for something.

cool whatsapp status
cool whatsapp status

So you do not necessarily have to send a message to everyone, you can express your current mood or the current state simply with a casual or cool WhatsApp status saying. So you do not have to send a message to everyone, but can also indirectly send a message to them. Assuming, of course, that the person also reads the text in your status. The set text in WhatsApp status can be seen in the contact list and also, if one goes directly into the properties of the respective contact.

Cool WhatsApp status sayings
In the list below we have listed some cool sayings, which are perfect for use as a status slogan in WhatsApp. We will expand the list over time. Do you know any other cool lyrics that you would like to share with us? Write us your favorite comments about the comments in this article.

15 Cool, Special, Best Whatsapp Status Sayings

1 – I like you! You have as much to the slaps as I do!

2 – Head up, otherwise the crumb will fall!

3 – I trusted you. My mistake

4 – I read no instructions, I just press the buttons until it works.

5 – Down with the heavy force. Long live the easy-mind.

6 – I am bored today, now bring me the court jester!

7 – If the call is ruined, it is quite uninhibited.

8 – Advice is also just beats.

9 – I am quite flexible at the level.

10 – Love is just a word, honey too.

11 – My shinbone helps me in the dark to find the furniture.

12 – I was already a legend in kindergarten.

13 – Well, biste times too cool to say ‘Hello’?

14 – I was not a reason for ten years a Powe-Ranger!

15 – With my handbag I could leave the country spontaneously.

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