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You are looking for funny easter WhatsApp status sayings at Easter or even talks to send some nice Easter greetings to your friends? We have compiled a list of our best poems about the upcoming Easter festival, which can also be used to decorate his WhatsApp status. It does not seem so long before, but Christmas is already a few months back and the year is in full swing. But the next few days will surely not only allow a little relaxation from everyday life, but many will spend Easter with the family and friends again. But it is not always possible for all of the loved ones and family members to be at Easter, but this is not a reason to send this funny Easter greetings via WhatsApp or Facebook. If you are still looking for funny sayings, then you will surely find it here.

easter whatsapp status
easter whatsapp status

Sometimes it is not easy to find the matching Easter greetings for WhatsApp, Facebook or even an SMS. You always want to send a few nice words to the family, friends, relatives or friends, but then you usually do not mind. If you would not necessarily write the creativity on the side of your strengths, then you are certainly similar to us. We have summarized the best and funniest Easter greetings in the following list. The sayings are quite short and are therefore perfect for sending as SMS, WhatsApp or as a message about Facebook.

easter whatsapp status
easter whatsapp status

Someone who misses you badly, wishes you very much for Easter, that you are happy and cheerful, and much, much more.

If you are looking for Easter eggs, Christmas has the gift!

The Easter bunny is the poorest animal in the world, he has his tail behind, has to give his eggs and comes only once a year!

Osterhas, Osterhas, sits alone in the green grass. Hop from nest to nest, bring you the Easter feast.

If the eggs were suddenly angular, the chickens went quite dirty. In this sense, happy Easter!

I wish you a beautiful Easter celebration and lots of colorful eggs in your nest!

All the best, only the best, right now for Easter! May it above all: bring joy and relaxation!

easter whatsapp status
easter whatsapp status

WhatsApp status sayings for Easter
Below we have listed some short status messages for Easter. This can be because of the short sayings to register well as WhatsApp status, for those who like to decorate their WhatsApp profile with it. Of course you can also set up many of the Easter greetings as a status.

The Easter bunny hat hidden, now what tastes of you.

Men are like Easter bunnies: intelligent, charming and sexy. But who already believes in the Easter bunny?

If the farmer cooks rotten eggs, the farmer pukes like a heron!

Easter is when all the hares on the lawn cheerfully blow their eggs.

The Easter night in candlelight, it must always be.

Hase is looking for bunnies for egg laying.

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