Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

When I did not know you yet, I never felt like anything was missing. Now I know and love you and I have the feeling that when you leave, I can not live, because then everything would be missing!

When I first saw you, it was clear to me: it really exists, it is crazy, love at first sight!

The heart has its reasons, which the mind does not know.

The most beautiful thing a boy can say to his girl is: “Sweetheart, the next girl I will love will be our daughter!

The day you were drilled was a rainy day. But there was no rain, it was the heavens that cried because he had lost a star.

For where I am yours, I am quite my first.

Most Romantic Things to Say to Her
Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

A kiss from your mouth, a pressure from your hand, reminds me of that hour when my heart found yours.
similar to an old folk song

For tears there are handkerchiefs, for cheeks there are kisses and for me there is only you!

I sent my protection gel last night. After 5min he came back and I asked why? He smiled and said, “An angel does not need a protective gel!”

If I only had 5 minutes to live, I would have spent 4 minutes with you and cried for 1 minute. But not because I’m dying but because I’d never see you again.

I think of you once a day, and this thought lasts 24 hours.

I have not picked a few flowers today to give you their lives.

I long for you, as the flower longs for the rain in the heat, I can not be without you, as winter is not without spring.

I wish I was the wind that gently sweeps through your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly, and the moon that watches your sleep.

I wish I was a tear from you. To be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips.

Nearby in the distance, thinks a little heart to you. Loves you and loves you, does yours think of me as well?
Some people are of the opinion that the sun is rising only because of them, but with you it may be true.

Some days are longer than others, some times are better than others, some dreams are more beautiful than others, but my most beautiful dream is reading this news!

Most Romantic Things to Say to Her
Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

Romantic thoughts
The spirit builds the airship, but love makes it go to heaven.

The man who can touch you without you, without speaking to you, a smile in the face should be the man to whom you give your heart!

Never believe a boy who says “I love you”. Only believe him when he stands with tears in his eyes and asks: “Do you love me?”

I have not picked a few flowers today to give you their lives.

I love you. God protect you, he will keep me, he will protect us and keep us both.

I met a very poor young man in the street who was in love. His hat was old, his cloak was worn, water ran through his shoes. But stars passed through his soul. “

To write a love letter, you have to start without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you said.

True love comes from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of the characters.

Why did God give us only one heart? God has 2 feet to walk, 2 hands to touch, 2 ears to hear and 2 eyes to see! Why, however, only one heart?

Because the other half is with someone we need to find.

If you were a rose in the wilderness, I would kneel before you and cry, so that you would not wither.

I will say for a moment, You are so pretty! Then you may strike me in fetters, I will gladly perish!

Two things mean life to me. The freedom and the woman I love.

Two beautiful lips are worth more than all eloquence in the world.

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