Remembrance quotes for loved ones – in loving memory quotes

If you are dreaming of immortality you need to read these quotes. we know that you miss your loved ones so we make the best shares. Remembrance quotes for loved ones

The more beautiful and full the memory, the more difficult the separation. But gratitude transforms the memory into a quiet joy.

Fey, really cowardly is only one who is afraid of his memories.

Sometimes one can hold back the past with the senses: the one smells of soothing memory, the other stinks to heaven.

Remembrance quotes for loved ones
Remembrance quotes for loved ones

The activity is pleasant in the present, hope in the future, and memory in the past.

Forgetting is the secret of eternal youth. We are getting old by memory.

Aging is a highly interesting process: you think and think and think – suddenly you can not remember anything.

Whoever does not remember his own childhood is a bad educator.

What I like about photos is that they capture a moment that is gone forever and which one can not reproduce.

In loving memory quotes

Remembrance quotes for loved ones
The women remember the men with whom they could laugh.

One carries a peculiar camera in the head, into which some pictures so deeply and clearly, while others leave no trace.

The wonderful yesterday: the ordinary Today in the memory of tomorrow.

What you tell me, I forget. I remember what you have shown me. What you let me do, I understand.

Man is really really dead when nobody thinks about him anymore.

Women are always amazed at what men forget everything. Men are amazed at what women remember.

To want to forget someone is to think of him.

Whoever shows repentance should not be reminded of his former sins.

The forgetfulness of man is something other than the inclination of some politicians not to remember.

A head without memory is a fortress without a crew.

Moons and years pass, but a beautiful moment illuminates life.
The memory is a strange screen. It keeps all good from us and all evil from the others.

Twelve good photos in a year are a good yield.

Remember the Forgotten – a world is opening to you.

When you perceive the present, it is already over; the awareness of pleasure is always in the memory.

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