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Looking for nice friends for your WhatsApp status? In this case you will find in the following article series the appropriate verses and texts. If you have any more, please feel free to contact us. The first nice sayings we have summarized in the first part. you will find the most beautiful friendships messages which can be used due to the short length perfectly as status text within WhatsApp, we have summarized a summary of our opinion best verses in the field of friendship. Look around, maybe the other or other suitable saying for you. in the most beautiful friendships and status texts you will find some more verses, which we find particularly beautiful and therefore listed here. If you have any other great sayings about friendship for the WhatsApp status text, please leave the comments on this page. Here you can find some more great whatsapp friendship messages for your WhatsApp status. Do you know any other great sayings about the friendship and friends, which can be used as status text in WhatsApp due to the short length? If so, just write this saying about the comment area.

friendship messages
friendship messages

friendship messages, friendship status for whatsapp

Give each one a second chance, because at some point you need it yourself.

God, protect my friends, my enemies I care for myself.

A friendship that ends over time has never begun.

Friendship is a word, but how fast is it gone.

You do not have to be crazy to be friends with me, but it helps immensely.

Friendship is not a service.

To unequal friends are like dog and master.

The wound that a friend beats never heals.

Friendships are like porcelain bowls: if you drop them, they break.

friendship messages
friendship messages 

A true friend is someone who lets everything stand and lie where you need it.

Friendship is not a share that simply rises or falls.

Our friendship is to be rooted until we sink into the pit!

If you are a true friend, your happiness interests you more than your own.

Only true friends tell you that you have dirt on the face.

A true friend is the one who is also understood without words.

A friendship is like a rock in the sea, no power of the world can destroy it!

A friend is a man, before whom one can think aloud.

A real friend is always there when a wrong friend is not there.

friendship messages
friendship messages

Take time for your friends, or the time will take you the friends!

A friend is easy to find, easy to lose, but never to forget.

Good friends recognize that they are always there when they need us!

The best way to have a friend is to be a good friend!

A friendship is like a rock in the deep sea, no power of the world can destroy it!

Friendship is a soul in two bodies.

A friendship is like a raw egg, if you drop it, it breaks.

A friend is someone who likes you, although he knows you.

friendship messages
friendship messages

A friend will never be homeless, for he always lives in the heart of the other!

A whole life without real friends is like a journey without a goal!

Friendship is not only a delicious gift, but also a lasting task.

A friend like you is just wonderful, if what is, I’m always there for you.

Take the time for your friends, or you’ll take your friends.

We are like angels with only one wing to fly, we must embrace!

A friend is someone who knows the melody of your heart and sings it to you when you forget it.

friendship messages
friendship messages 

The friends you can call at four in the morning, which count among the right friends.

True friends are the ones who tell you when you are annoying.

Friendship is like a sheet of paper in the wind. If she is not held fast, she flies away.

Love comes and goes, but friendship remains.

Friends are the ones who do not forget you.

It is nice to know someone with whom one can forget the seriousness of life with a lot of fun.

Correct friends are those who are there when others go.

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