first kiss tips – how to lean in for the first kiss

The first kiss is always very exciting. Tingling tummy, heart palpitations and wet hands are now quite normal. Only when is the first kiss appropriate? The situation for the first kiss should always fit. Age also matters. Nothing is more repellent than being kissed out of the wrong situation. A woman shows very clear signals when she is open to the man. Of course, every woman is different and has her own ideas of how quickly you can get closer. Because of this, the woman should set the pace. Clear signs of a first kiss are:

first kiss tips
first kiss tips

Talk about kissing

Many women like to talk. They want to know what kind of man they are facing them. Maybe he puts a lot of emphasis on sex or is a long-term relationship just as important to him as it is to her? When women start talking about caresses they are often ready to kiss.

Unobtrusive touch

Women gesticulate, they touch their hair when they are excited and fascinated by the man opposite. They start looking for the touch. Instinctively, they seek the hand or the thigh and incorporate body contact into their stories. It is intensely flirting.

Open body language

All people use their body language to indicate whether or not they are interested in the other person. If the woman crosses her arms during the whole evening and bangs her legs over each other, that is a sign of malaise.

If the woman tries to establish eye contact with waiters or other people in her environment, she constantly looks out the window or avoids eye contact with the other person, which is also a bad sign.

But clearly good signs are: An open posture, much eye contact, biting on the lower lips, go through the hair and especially frequent smile. In addition, the woman scans your flirt partner. For example, if she is looking through an open shirt or is watching her go to the bathroom, she is clearly interested.

Eye contact

If she or she is in eye contact this is a strong sign that the time has come for the first kiss. But if your eye contact is dodged now, that does not always have to be a bad sign. Just shy people can not deal well with intense eye contact and therefore evade.

Often the perfect kiss is the beginning of an exciting, exciting relationship.

Meet at home

If a woman is ready to invite a man, she is definitely open to approaching him. In a place where she is undisturbed, she wants to test how he reacts. Now it is very important that the man does not rush.

Kiss, yes, but please at the right time. Because it must first build up romance and tension. Only then is it time for the first kiss. Attention: Just kiss or caress and no SEX on the day of the first kiss.

Let feed

Normally people do not like to be fed. This can act as a physical attack and feels uncomfortable. However, if this becomes a love game, it suddenly becomes erotic and means desire for more. Grapes, dessert or chocolates – it does not matter. If a woman likes to be fed, she is ready for more.

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