How to make your boyfriend happy over text?

Send him a message of love there is no better way to rekindle the flame of love and keep the spirit seductions in your life as a couple.

How to make your boyfriend happy over text
How to make your boyfriend happy over text

If destiny makes its choice, I would like it to be you, I will make you my king, I crown you with joy, your love, will be my law, together we will trace our path, the sky you will have at the end of fingers, and this is my dream, that I want to achieve once but nothing with you, my love wherever you are, pray God to hear our voices.

A little message to tell you that before meeting you I was in my chrysalis, but today thanks to you I became a butterfly.

You entered my heart without being invited. But deep in me, it’s you I was waiting for.

You are the only reason for my smile, my laughter and my tears, you are my strength and my weakness, I love you

Even if I cry even if I cry even if I’m in pain, nothing will be as strong as this love that I carry you and even if the world disappears and life becomes death, I still love you.

Finding love is not impossible just find the right person and tell him I love you

I want to love you without cunning and straightforward, without shame or lies
Without a desire deceiving us, where a remorse is gnawing at us and giving you my Heart forever.

I would like to be the sun of your days, the moon of your nights, the tears of your eyes, the remedy of your pains, the smile of your joys and the only person in your life.

Since we are intimately connected, there is a sheaf of smiles in my thoughts, a rainbow for rainy days, a fairy-tale of stars for the night.

My heart burns for you like the lava of a volcano that nothing can stop.

I want to live in a planet limited by your arms, enlightened by your eyes, directed by your charm or the inhabitants are you and me.

My love for you has taken a big place in me. I will never be able to do without you because you are my source of joy

I send you messages so as not to forget me, but in reality I want to send you my eyes to see you, my lips to kiss you very hard and tell you I love you until death.

Being away from you makes me suffer, thinking of you makes me happy, hearing your voice makes me heal, being near you is my greatest desire.

To live true love is to live with someone who knows what he wants, who respects, who supports and who inspires confidence, this crowned by fidelity, all that is you my love.

I always pray God to grant me my wishes to meet together and to live happily I make you a promise to be your princess and to love you unceasingly because I love you my prince … ..

In my life I need two friends it’s you and you .. A friend is you .. A husband is you .. Some reason to live is you and you and you … Of a soul sister it is surely you .. When I look at my side I see only you … I love you as much as you can never believe it … If I want to quote you from a name I find no better than my love .. Big kiss my love …

Who I love ? For whom am I ready for anything? Who haunts my nights? … Several questions, one answer: you are my love.

You are the sweetest, the kindest, but after all you are the man of my life.

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