perfect kissing technique – romantic neck kissing tips {kiss like french}

Perfect kissing technique – How and when the first kiss comes and you recognize the signs correctly, are crucial for the next date.
A kiss can be passionate, tender or totally elusive. As a teenager, singly, or in a partnership, the question often comes down to how to kiss properly. However, the first kiss in life has a very high priority. He is eagerly awaited, excitement and nervousness are constant companions.

perfect kissing technique
perfect kissing technique

perfect kissing technique – The right time is extremely important

A deep look into the eyes of the partner, a loving hug or a tender touch are great beginnings to kiss. It is also important to closely observe your counterpart. Is he / she open for a kiss or does he / she cross his arms and have a closed posture?

For example, nobody kisses after a very stressful day.

romantic neck kissing tips

perfect kissing technique – Good body care is crucial for a good kiss

There is nothing worse when it comes to kissing and the partner has a severe bad breath. Since the actual kiss can be so perfect. Halitosis makes everything bad. Chewing gum chewing, brushing your teeth, mouth spray or mouth rinses are good aids.

I should also be careful in the choice of lunch, if it comes in the evening still to kiss. Gyros, garlic or onions are not recommended. After all, nobody should think about kissing a pantry at night.

The same goes for the body, of course. Taking a shower or using deodorant before you meet is already appropriate. About the smell of a human, the first sympathies are formed.

Cracked or too painted lips are not nice when kissing. Especially lipsticks that rub off or taste anything should not be chosen on such days. Easy care products help against brittle lips.

perfect kissing technique – How do I really kiss when everything fits?

Gently approach your lips, slightly tilting your head in the opposite direction and starting to play. Tease, offer and let go … these are things that are all pretty erotic.

Carefully touch your tongue. Rushing kisses can also be nice because they explode with passion. But the cautious and playful kisses are always remembered later.

Once the tongue is in the game, the same applies as for the lips. A slight pressure and then turn in a gentle loving way. Look at him over and over again and start over. That increases the tension. Touch her by gently straightening her hair, stroking her neck or gently touching her ear.

perfect kissing technique – You should avoid that at the first kiss

Too much spit while kissing. It is disgusting when the kissed person first has to swallow the spit that does not belong to him.
Ask if everything is alright. When kissing one does not ask. You can feel it or not.
Talking too much about kissing but then not coming to it.
Unannounced about a fall and surprise.
Think that it will end to bed, as soon as you kiss passionately.

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