Top 15 I Miss You Messages for Her and Him

When we love someone we do not need him every day and we always feel the need to be with her and him; and when it comes to being away for one reason or another that makes us sick and as love you messages said, “There is only one remedy for love: to love more”.

I miss you messages for her
I miss you messages for her

So to enjoy more here are messages of love to tell him I miss you and stay close despite the distance between you.

Far from you
It is when distance is needed that love is most evident. The emptiness of absence makes us love more. These are all the memories that come back to us and the tears that come to our eyes.

I want you with me
I want you to be near me today, tomorrow, next month, next year and for the rest of my life. I miss you so much my love

I miss you my flower
You will be the land and I the sea, or the opposite. You will be my goddess, my soul mate, my devil. You will be my present and my future. Now and until the dawn of time, it is necessary that our love lasts because your arrow touched me in my heart, you are the only one who can save me. From you, I’m dying. I miss you baby.

i miss you messages for her
i miss you messages for her

I just miss you
Hello, no good evening, no good night. Can not matter. Time goes too slowly. I miss you so much honey…

For my wife
You, my love, at the first glance, you dazzled me.
The greatest wealth in my eyes is you my love.
You make my heart beat with every look, I love you to not finish anymore. You are more precious than diamonds. The most beautiful in my eyes and forever.
I miss you my love.

You and nothing else
You are the only one I believe in. I adore you and miss you too much.

i miss you messages for her

My heart and miss
Every day that you are far from me, my heart is in need.
But as soon as you come back, my great joy comes back.
Despite the distance to you I think a little more every day.
I love you my dear.

A request: take care of yourself.
A wish: do not forget me.
A truth: I miss you.
A reality: I love you.

Come back to me quickly
You are a rare pearl, a sun shining and shining inside my heart, your presence misses me soon come back my little angel.

i miss you messages for him
i miss you messages for him

I love you and I miss you
I have on your heart your love, a limitless love, a sincere love, from the first glance, you dazzled me, you are the greatest wealth in my eyes, you are more precious more beautiful than diamonds. I miss you my love.

My love
If only you could even in my heart you will see that you are the queen of his place, I bathe in your love, a love that will never fade. I miss you my love.

When will you come back?
When will you come back my love? I miss you a little more every day, without you I am lost.

Need you
I need you in my life … I need you like plants need water … I miss you a lot … come back soon, I’m waiting for you …

I miss you
There are not enough words to express how much I miss my heart. You are always present in my heart.

Short SMS
I miss you so much. This SMS is not powerful enough to express how much I miss you.

I tell you the moments to see you
It’s so hard not to see you all this time. Every second that passes I would like you to be by my side.

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