Top 5 Freaky Paragraphs for Her Him Copy and Paste

Freaky love paragraphs are the most noble expression of love feelings, and you do not have to be a great poet to write a freaky love paragraphs for the woman or man you love. So do not hesitate to write your love paragraphs and share them with us.

freaky paragraphs for her him copy and paste
freaky paragraphs for her him copy and paste

freaky paragraphs (1)

Why I love you…
I dig in my heart to seek the answer
In the depths of my soul I will find,
I will go to the bottom of the earth
Why I love you…
The answer is right in front of me
In the light of your smile
In the charm of your look
In the sweetness of your caresses
The answer is right in front of me
Why I love you…
I now know why I love you.
My heart beats faster when I see you
I feel on a cloud when I take your hand
I feel walking on a rainbow
Why I love you…
it’s not just for those reasons
There is other than I do not tell you
The most important thing is that I love you
It’s you my love that I chose
And that you told me yes

freaky paragraphs (2)

My love,
You came into my life
How a slight breeze of air,
I quickly attached to you,
And as soon as I loved you,
At your kisses I succumbed,
Without you, I do not see myself,
When you are far from me,
I feel a lack in myself,
From you I have always dreamed of it.
I only want to be with you,
Throw me and rest in your arms,
Everywhere I will go with you,
Whatever your destination,
I live in your smile,
I’m dying if you’re sad,
That nothing separates us,
You and I forever,
I love you my dear.

freaky paragraphs (3)

My heart, I adore you
There is not a second that passes
Without my thinking about you
But I prefer the moments
Where are you in my arms
This moment of happiness
I’ve booked it for you
The best moments
Or do you occupy my whole universe
You tell me your love
That you love me with all your heart
That you want to be with me forever
And especially that you want our happiness
So every time I look at you
My heart races, and beats faster
My thoughts scroll down your face
And my soul is illuminated with happiness
And every day that passes
My love for you grew up again
I love you and I will love you even more
My heart, I adore you.

freaky paragraphs (4)

I confess my love
I never thought it was possible,
May it happen to me one day,
To feel this sensation that attracts me,
What people call love.
I would like to tell you my love,
To not lose myself in dreams,
This love that I carry in my heart,
How can I make you feel it.
Can I finally tell you,
All the love that I carry in my heart,
That I can not keep it for myself alone,
And see the lack hover over my heart.
I know it’s an opportunity now,
To tell you and share with you,
This feeling that attracts me and sucks me,
But do I have the courage to tell you?
Its not always easy,
To confess his feelings of love,
But for me the most difficult,
It’s not to tell you I love you.
I love you.

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