whatsapp flirting tips – how to impress a girl on whatsapp chat

here are some important flirting tips for you. SMS or WhatsApp, people like to flirt intensively in shorthand.

whatsapp flirting tips
whatsapp flirting tips

No matter how you meet someone: First, text messages are always exchanged in the chat. But later it continues with beautiful love SMS.

How to flirt on whatsapp a girl online

Never write out of boredom

An SMS such as “What are you doing, what’s up?”, Or “Hi!” Are nicely meant texts, but can also arrive negative to the recipient. They signal that the writer has boredom and knows nothing better to pass the time. Rather start the conversation with what you have just done yourself.

Good examples are: “I’m just sitting on the couch and thinking of you” or “I just have the increased need to write to you or make phone calls, does it suit you?” These statements are flattering and will not make you feel dreary To be a substitute for boredom.

Leave the shortcuts, use smileys

Abbreviations sometimes can not be understood and always testify to a certain amount of urgency when writing. When flirting in chat, it is important to show the partner that you always take your time. So the best example is to write “LG” at the end of a message. Greetings is meant nicely, but can arrive at a woman too stupid.

Greetings says nothing loving. Certainly a woman always wishes something more meaningful. Good endings are: “I press you,” “I would like to be with you now,” “wish the beautiful dreams,” or “hug you”. Such statements leave room for more.

Smileys are easier to understand and bring a touch of emotion to a text message. However, smileys also have room for interpretation.

Do not use aborted poems or verses

Poems, verses or rhymes are impersonal, schmaltzy and what should he / she return to it? Just leave it, then nothing can happen with SMS flirting. If you still want to write some, then you should write them yourself. So you’ll find some nice examples.

Arrange a meeting quickly

A rule of thumb is to schedule a personal meeting after about 1 week of WhatsApp flirting. If that does not work, because something comes in between, clarify however absolutely whether the possible partner still has interest. If rejected on the second try, this is a clear sign of disinterest.

Do not write novels Roman

It is especially important not to write too long texts.

The text message should still be clear and give the partner the opportunity to respond individually. If there is a lot of news that you want to tell, pack it into several text messages one after the other or rather ask for a phone call.

Choose a good time

No one has time to flirt with someone on their smartphone while working with someone. If a nice SMS comes now, the receiver can be annoyed quickly. In the evening this is usually a bit different and you can expect a quick response. But the occasion also plays an important role. So a flirt message for a birthday should look a little different.

Pay attention to your spelling

Of course it should go fast. But many mistakes in the text always show little effort. Nobody just wants to be a quick guy. So take some time and read your message again before you send it.

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