5 Genius and Memorable Marriage Proposal Ideas – 2022

Before the wedding ceremony takes place, you first have to propose your marriage. We’ve researched some helpful tips on marriage proposals to give you special ideas so that you can remember this special moment for a long time to come! It starts with tips around the purchase of the engagement ring up to many marriage proposal examples – from romantic to original up to very unusual everything is included.

marriage proposal ideas
marriage proposal ideas

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You want to propose a marriage to your treasure, but don’t know exactly how to do it yet?

Winter time is cuddling time: the best time of year to ask the question of all questions! You don’t have to have cold feet before that, because we help you so that you hear a “yes” in the end.

The question of what the ideal marriage proposal looks like cannot be answered in general, because not everyone wants the same for this special moment. In order to make it easier for you to find your way around, we have clearly arranged our proposal ideas according to categories. Is your treasure romantically invested? Should the application take place in front of a large audience or with something you have made yourself? Here you will find the perfect idea for the proposal, for every type and every situation.

By the way, dear ladies: If your sweetheart doesn’t react to your discreet hints, just take matters into your own hands! All our marriage proposal suggestions are also a convincing argument for him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

marriage proposal in surprise egg

A simple but very original idea for the marriage proposal: an engagement ring in a surprise egg. First, carefully unfold the foil around the egg. Ideally, it should not be damaged so that the surprise egg looks untouched later. Then carefully separate the two halves of the chocolate ice from each other. Once this is done, you can open the small container inside the ice and replace the previous contents with the engagement ring. Once you’ve closed the box, you can reassemble the two chocolate halves and wrap the foil around the outside. Your treasure will make big eyes when it finds the ring inside instead of a plastic toy.

request for printed tableware

Guarantees the most beautiful piece of crockery your partner will ever get! Labeled the bottom of a cup with (waterproof!) Edding with the question “Will you marry me?”. Tip: Choose a particularly flat cup, then writing will be much easier. Surprise your treasure with tea or coffee in the morning and wait until he or she has discovered the question at the bottom of the cup.

Another variant of the application with printed tableware is a labelled plate. Prepare it in the same way as the base of the cup and buy or bake a large piece of cake. It is important that it completely covers the text. Give your treasure the dessert as a gift and watch the “question of all questions” gradually emerge.

wedding proposal with fortune cookie

Normally fortune cookies hide meaningless philosophical sayings, but they can also be used for a marriage proposal. Write the question “Will you marry me?” on a small, narrow piece of paper (about 1 cm wide and 5 cm long). Then buy a bag of fortune cookies and choose a cookie that is particularly wide open. With a pair of tweezers you can remove the piece of paper inside and exchange it for your own. You can give the fortune cookie to your partner, for example, as dessert after a dinner together.

application at the picnic

Perfect for the summer is a proposal at a picnic. Follow the weather forecast so that you can really catch a day with good weather. A quiet meadow is a good place for a picnic. Public parks are usually completely overcrowded on sunny days, so they are only suitable as a location if you know a real secret place. If you live in the city, it is worth planning a little more time and going to the country for a day. Pack a (picnic) basket with plates, cutlery, a blanket and of course the food. Things that are easy to pack are ideal, for example salads, sandwiches, wraps, vegetables and fruit. A cool box is ideal for drinks and sandwiches in particular. Because the day is supposed to develop into a festive occasion, it is also a good idea to take a bottle of wine and glasses with you – but to be on the safe side, it’s better to take them separately so that nothing gets broken. Instead of plates and glasses made of porcelain or glass, you can also use practical party dishes.

Marriage proposal at the Candle Light-Dinner

If there’s one classic marriage proposal, it’s probably the candlelight dinner. After all, it’s not without reason that love goes through the stomach. It gets very romantic when you expect your treasure at home with a home-cooked dinner. The marriage proposal is of course a surprise, but it is advisable to announce the dinner in advance. In order for the dinner to be a complete success, the food itself and the decoration are especially important. You should not put yourself under pressure to cook the most elaborate dish possible. Your treasure will in any case be happy about the homemade food, even if you do not have a gourmet menu on your feet. The main course on the evening of the marriage proposal is pasta in the shape of a heart, for example. A tasty sauce and grated Parmesan cheese are added – ready is the perfect main course. Those who like to stand in the kitchen will be served delicious, homemade chocolate muffins as dessert. If you don’t dare to bake, you can also use bowls of chocolate ice cream, beautifully garnished with cream and strawberries. The plate on which the dessert is handed over is labelled with the question “Will you marry me?

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