Top 8 Phone Dating Tips for Beginners ๐Ÿ’–

Phone Dating Tips
Phone Dating Tips ๐Ÿ’–

Between WhatsApp, texting, and emails, you can now live a life free of phone calls completely. However, in terms of dating, phone calls still play a crucial role, particularly for online dating. Don’t you always feel a lot better meeting a person when you’ve already heard their voice? Still, that initial phone call that starts things off can make you nervous. You want to make a great impression, although you don’t have the time or power to edit what you say like you can in an email.

Keep reading to learn 8 phone dating tips from an expert chat line numbers website. These tips can help you through that initial phone conversation and help you land a date:

1) Check Your Signal:

The last thing you want is getting your call dropped in the middle of your chat. Call from somewhere with a reliable signal. Either that or just use a landline if you can.

2) Be Cheerful:

Facial expressions don’t convey over a phone line, so your body language has to be expressed through your voice. Keep a light tone and show some enthusiasm.

3) Relax The Other Person:

Don’t just tell the person at the other end of the line that you’re thrilled to be talking to them, make them believe it! Simple compliments on how they handle the conversation can put them at ease. For instance, if they ask you a question, start your answer by acknowledging that it’s a great question.

4) Build The Conversation When You Reply:

Don’t give short answers. When you’re asked a question, you’ve been invited to share interesting things about your life. It’s common to be asked how your day went. Don’t just say that it went well. Add in why it went well, perhaps mentioning a good steak lunch with an old friend and now you have the chance to talk to the person you’re talking to. That immediately informs the other person that, one, you like steak; two, you stay in touch with your old friends; and three, you’re delighted to be chatting with them.

5) Flip Your Answers Back Into Questions:

Avoid awkward silences to keep your conversation going. When you can turn your answers around into questions about the other person, it demonstrates your serious interest in them.

6) But, It’s Not An Interview:

Keep in mind that talking with them needs to stay relaxed and friendly. You’re looking for a date, not an interrogation. Avoid asking questions just to do it. Balance the conversation with questions and answers.

7) Know When To Hang Up:

Don’t chat for too long. When you feel like things are slowing down, look for a polite way to let it go. Still, be authentic. Effective phrasing can be as simple as pointing out what time it is and mention you’d promised you’d call a specific relative.

8) Things To Never Do:

These include eating food, watching television, flushing your toilet, or chewing gum. Don’t do anything that makes it sound like you’re busy with something else. Give the other person your full attention, even if they can’t physically see you. If you’re really looking for a date with this person, then checking those emails or scrolling through social media can wait until the end of the phone call.

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